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Results from the First Annual County Line Open Rodeo

The following are the official results of the First annual County Line Arena Open Rodeo in Saco.

The rodeo was held on Saturday, September 3, in Saco during the 59th Annual Saco Fun Days event.

Wild Calf Race: 1st Blake Ozark, Jessa Erickson, Royce Strobbe. 2nd Teonna Funk, Flint McEwen, Maddie McEwen. 3rd Madison Harris, Cort Belling, Anna Brown.

Bareback: 1st Bucky McAlpine-Butte 60. 2nd Ethan. Frasier-Ashland 58. 3rd Taylor Young-Huntsville, AL 56.

Saddle Bronc: 1st Caiden Gray-Miles City 67. 2nd Dallen Hoover-Whitehall 59.

Calf Roping: N/A

Team Roping: 1st Macy Klind & John Graham 14.72. 2...


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