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I love chili!

When I was little my dad made me canned chili for lunch sometimes and since then, chili has always been my favorite meal. I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner, if Dad would let me. I like it with crackers, cheese, onions and sour cream or, when my dad makes it for me, over white rice (a recipe he learned when he lived in Hawaii.)

When I got a little older, I learned that Walt Disney, one of my favorite Americans, also had a love for chili, and like me, would sometimes eat it for breakfast. I guess great minds think a like. When Walt had no visitors for lunch at the Disney Studio, he ate at his desk. His favorite meal was chili and beans. He would combine a can of Gebhardt’s (which had much meat and few beans) with a can of Dennison’s (which had less meat but more beans). The dish was preceded by a glass of V-8 juice and accompanied by soda crackers.

My favorite kind of chili is Nalley Jalapeno, but on Saturday night I went to the 12th VFW / American Legion Auxiliary Chili Cookoff and was able to vote on which chili I thought was best. I’m not a very good judge because my favorite chili comes out of a can and the only time I cooked chili was out of the microwave.

But I voted for Just Us as people’s choice best chili. For best decorations I voted for The 3 Amigos who had a Mexican theme. I also voted for 3 Amigos for best appetizer. The reason I picked The 3 Amigos is because they had bacon wrapped meatballs. I love me some bacon and you can’t go wrong when you wrap it around a meatball. It was Heaven in a ball. They also got my creative juices flowing to write this.

I had a good time with my dad on Sunday night. It was crazy that you could have all the chili you want for just $3.

At the end of the contest, they said that they might not have it again next year. I hope they change their minds. Me and dad had a good time.


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