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BREAKING News: WARNING - Potential evacuation of Landusky, Montana)

July Fire UPDATE: ( WARNING - Potential evacuation of Landusky, Montana) Winds have shifted and are now coming of of the east-southeast pushing the July Fire northwest towards Landusky. Phillips County Sheriff's Deputies have made contact with residents of Landusky and told them to get Ready to evacuate. The fire spread overnight to within 1.5 miles of Little Rockies Christian Camp south of Landusky. The camp is currently vacant and the caretaker has left. Wildland Firefighters and equipment are staging at the camp. Fire Information Officers from the Type-2 Incident Management Team will be in Landusky today to provide residents with more detailed information. A structure protection crew has been assigned to Landusky.

For more info call, July Fire Information at 406-673-2000 check or


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