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By Eldora Henry
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Dodson News for Wednesday, August 4, 2021


August 4, 2021

Hot temperatures continue to hang in every day----no rain----the nights actually get quite cool. One wonders how it can be so hot during the day and so cool a few hours later in the night.

Everyone is getting ready for the 106th continuous fair this weekend. Activity at the fairgrounds and a few motor homes and living trailers are coming in. Hope there is some break in the heat.

The new trailers for the teacher housing are coming in, not hooked up yet but are here. The floors in the bus barn and the apron have been poured and the gravel for the parking has been dumped, although not leveled out yet and some sort of a mess on the paved street. Only three weeks to the start of school again.

We have been on water restriction--- a little worrisome with this hot weather and drought -----and the grasshoppers. I haven't seen this many brown lawns and yards very often and we keep having to pay more for it. I think this is only the second time in the seventy-something years we have lived in Dodson that we have been restricted on water. If there were other times I do not remember it.

I appreciate the help of my two neighbors. Ava and Velyma give me to get through these trying times and also my friend Polly. They are special people.

Birthdays this week include Molly Minugh, Richene Bosche, and Randy Dolphay, and greetings are sent to them and all others having a birthday or anniversary this week.

An optimist is a guy who can always see the bright side of other people's problems.

Take care, have a good week---enjoy the fair if you go and watch yourself in the heat.


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