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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for Wednesday, February 2, 2022


February 2, 2022

What a beautiful week for the end of January! I know we need moisture, but the temps were so mild!

Carol Lumsden spent the week in Billings with her father. She was able to visit with Jonnae Slade and family also. Healing prayers to John.

Cindy Clark met Rebecca Engum in Lewistown for the weekend. They did some errands and took in the Winterfair where they saw a camel named Alice. On the way home Cindy met me in Malta where I left my Jeep to get a new bumper from A Fine Line!

The Whitewater gym was full of cheering fans from North Country and Nashua on Friday! It is so nice to have a crowd for the basketball games!

My dog Buster, a golden retriever, went to the groomer on Friday. He looks so good now! Thank you, Laura!

Have a fantastic Groundhogs Day!

The Blunts are busy with AAU wrestling, Amus, Everette, and Ettaare all taking them down! Mylee Clark participated in the Spelling Bee at Whitewater School and took third. She will participate in the county bee soon.

Congrats to all the winners!

Since I got older, my glasses just don’t work the way I want them to so I can read. After several years of trying different solutions, including lined bifocals, my eye doctor said I’d need a pair of dedicated readers. So I got some and this afternoon I was able to read 10 chapters without blinking! Nah! But I didn’t have trouble seeing the words!

New moon this week so try to find it.

Until next week, be kind and safe!


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