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Dodson News for Wednesday, May 4, 2022

We had heavy rain on Tuesday night and there were puddles in all the low places on Wednesday morning. A little drop in temperature sure made a difference in the color of the lawns; greener everywhere. There was a light rain on Wednesday night and again on Friday night. That should help with the dryness some.

The town held a public meeting on Thursday along with Bearpaw and Great West Engineering to talk about the replacement of some of the water mains in town. Funding with different grants etc. is being applied for some work that could possibly be done by 2023 or 2024.

The Foote's arrived back in Dodson from California for the summer on Thursday. Welcome back.

Work is still being done on the track at school and the kids use some of it for practice in the afternoons.

To all those having a Birthday or are celebrating an anniversary this week----Congratulations and Best Wishes.

I am beginning to see a few birds but have yet to see a robin.

A person who is always up in the air and harping on something is not necessarily an angel.

Have a good week and enjoy the nice days we have been having, the sunshine, and some days----no wind!!!


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