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Eleanor Henrietta (Koss) Emond

Eleanor Henrietta (Koss) Emond passed away on Feb 24th, 2022, at the age of 94. She was surrounded with love and passed peacefully. Eleanor was born in Malta in 1927 at Aunt Mildred Hoyne's house. Her dad had taken her mom into town on a sled with horses to wait on the arrival. He bundled her up with quilts and hot rocks for her feet to keep warm. The trip took two days.

Home was on Telegraph Creek in Sun Prairie about 40 miles south of Malta. Eleanor was raised with her six brothers (Gerald, Wesley, Wiltsie, Edwin, Paul, and Kelly) and her two sisters (Marjorie and Katherine). The Koss household did not get electricity until after Eleanor was married. They had wood/coal stoves for cooking and fuel oil for heating. Eventually, they got propane for cooking, heating, and a refrigerator.

School was the one-room Sun Prairie School House which had one teacher for 12 students. Eleanor rode horseback to school most of the time and would hitch up the horse to a sled or buggy when it got really cold. During High School, Eleanor stayed with Aunt Rosine most of the time except when she shared an apartment with Faye Grimsley during their senior year.

After high school, Eleanor stayed with Max & Eva Emond while she taught school in Regina. Their son, Fred, came home from the Navy and swept her off her feet. Fred bought a ranch 33 miles south of Malta which had no electricity. They started out with propane for cooking and fuel oil for heat. By the second year, they got a propane refrigerator.

Fred and Eleanor had ten children (Clayton, Tom (deceased), Dennis, Mike, Andy, Pat, Marianne, Tracey (deceased), Rita, and Rachelle).

Eleanor was preceded in death by her father, Charles, mother, Bernice, brothers (Gerald, Wesley, Wiltsie, Edwin, & Kelly), sisters (Marjorie and Katherine), husband, Fred, sons (Tom and Tracey) and numerous grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and many friends.

We will have a celebration of her life on June 3rd, 2022 at 1pm at the Wilderness Funeral Home in Malta followed by a reception at the VFW Hall.


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