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Neighborly Hands

In your travels and jaunts around town, have you noticed the beautiful display of flowers and the barrel tubs that are in bloom? Have you slowed down enough to enjoy some of the creative arrangements – blossoming and gracing yards? Thank you to all those who perk up the neighborhood, and thank you for being part of the welcome messages to those traveling, visiting or passing through. You make us proud, thank you!

Maybe I spoke too fast, as some of you must not have gotten the message to take pride in our community. A slow drive around town also speaks volume of some individuals who don’t take time to care for the yard. Yards and lots are overcome with weeds, just keep in mind snakes and other small animals love the coverage. We hope you don’t have a snake slither in your house while you are unloading groceries and leave the door open.

If your neighbor is elderly or handicapped, check with them and see if they will allow you to remove dead branches, weeds, and or garbage that has blown in. Grab a friend to help you if need be.

I took one of those 25 cent tours like I used to do when the hubby was alive. My heart was heavy when I counted the number of businesses that allow overgrowth of weeds. Look around at the vacant lots and those for sale and let’s work on cleaning things up.

The City Council is diligently working on getting homeowners to remove trash, old vehicles, debris and JUNK from the yards. If you need a non-functioning vehicle removed, there are two men that will do just that – give them a call. Let’s make this town one that welcomes everyone. We can do it.


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