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Robert (Bob) White

Robert (Bob) White passed away at the age of 85 after a long battle with Alzheimer's Dementia. He passed away with his loving family, his wife of 42 years, Felicitas (Fritzy) White, daughters, Jody Popejoy and Sierra White, by his side. His granddaughter Katrina Brandenburg and her daughters, Emily and Olivia Brandenburg, and his grandson Brent Cloward were with him just a day before. He joined his mother and father, Betty and Robert White along with his sister, Diane Beemer. He sadly left behind his wife Fritzy White, his brother, Richard (Rich) White, children Cindy Williamson (Greg), Beverly White (Ralph), Michael (Mike) Popejoy (Jamie), Michele Popejoy, Jody Popejoy, and special daughter Sierra White and his many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

What he wanted:

Robert E White 1937 (85 years old)






Boilermaker (Ret.)

Hada lot of fun


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