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Kyle John W. E. Johannesen (January 28, 2004 - April 12, 2023)

Kyle John Walking Eagle Johannesen, 19, passed away on April 12, 2023, at 1:33 p.m. in Seattle, Washington, from two masses attached to his brainstem. The damage was too much and not repairable. He was surrounded by his close family members: Mom-Jennifer, brother Taylin, sister Amelia, aunt Karen, cousin Mariah, and cousin Jacqueline.

Kyle was born January 28, 2004, in Wolf Point, MT to Johnette J. Walking Eagle. Kyle was placed in foster care with Jennifer Johannesen on October 2005 and was adopted by Jennifer Johannesen on February 2010.

Kyle was very active in sports: baseball, swim team, basketball, football, and 4-H shooting sports. He enjoyed listening to music, hanging out with friends, loved to joke around, shoot hoops with friends at the City Hall or at any available hoop, and always had a smile on his face. He could relate to most any situation at hand and enjoyed being a role model to the young kids who surrounded him at sports events or community gatherings. He was always willing to give a helping hand and willing to learn. He enjoyed terrorizing Momma Jen and brought home many friends to visit who also loved to terrorize Momma Jen. We will all miss his quirky comments like "Here we go!" or "I gotta hang with my homeboys!" And Mom will definitely miss his "MOM?!" whenever he entered a room or the house. He always needed to know exactly where Mom was located. His early morning and late-night calls/texts will be missed greatly and his "quick trips" to the grocery store for SNACKS. He had many community members rooting for his success in the world. Many great/deep conversations were held at Momma Jen's house recently (such as organ donation and death). He knew something was off in his head.

He attended schools in Malta, Whitewater, Mountain Home, ID, and worked extra hard to receive his diploma from Malta High School in December 2022.

Kyle's future plan for summer 2023 was to join his uncles on the Triangle Pipeline crew after gaining his driver's license.

A Very Special Thank You goes to Grant and Shilo Messerly, Ryan and Janessa Salsbury, and "Frenchy" and Alisha Murphy for always welcoming Kyle at a moment's notice and being another safe place in this world of troubles.

Survivors include his adoptive mom Jennifer Johannesen, adoptive brothers Bailey and Taylin, sisters Emauni, Nikki, and Amelia, aunts Heidi (Ron) Welch, Twilla Johannesen, Kay (Willie) Harms, Karen Harms..., uncles Chuck Lucas, Dean Johannesen, Daren Johannesen..., biological mom Johnette J. Walking Eagle and biological sisters Aisha, Shoni, Angel, and biological brother Amare, aunts Kathy, Yolanda, Desiree, Antoinette, Jonelle, Marian, and numerous cousins...AND MANY CLOSE FRIENDS!

Kyle was preceded in death by his uncle Fredrick Harms, Papa Iver Johannesen, cousins Justin Lucas and Kameron Martin, uncle Paul Johannesen, aunt Ann Johannesen Lucas, Grandma Mavis Ellsworth Johannesen, great-grandmother Adelaide Ellsworth; and many family members from his biological family as well, biological grandparents John Walking Eagle and Hattie Shoots, aunts Bernetta LaToya, uncles John, Jeffery, Ronald, Jonathan, Jacob, and Elias.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, April 22, 2023, at 1 p.m. at Wilderness Funeral Home in Malta, MT. A luncheon will be held after the service at the Malta Event Center (old Armory).

Friends and family are asked to share stories of Kyle after the service.


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