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MHS 2023 Choir District Music Festival Results

Malta High School musicians had an excellent District Music Festival weekend in Poplar on April 14 and 15, 2023. The following are the results the MHS choir received.

Draven Lageson – Superior, I; Layla Messerly – Superior, I; Kyle Myer- Superior, I; Izzie Hallenberg- Excellent, II; Kyle Darrington, Kohner Schipman, Seth Siewing, Kash Stiles, Treyton Wilke –Good, II; Concert Choir- Superior, I; Concert Choir Sight Reading- Excellent, II; Men’s Choir-Superior, I; Euterpies-Excellent, II.

The following are the results for the MHS instrumental entrants by Name, Solo/duet, Rating, Title, and Accom...


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