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Malta Junior High/High School 4th Quarter Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following Malta Junior High and High School students who have made the Honor Roll for the fourth quarter of the 2022-2023 school year.

Seniors: Seniors-Addy Anderson, Madison Bain, Kaden Bishop, Jared Eggebrecht, Brylee French, Isabelle Hallenberg, Rylee Hines, Shannon Johnson, Tye Jones, Kennedy Koss, Allison Kunze, Draven Lageson, Camryn Mears, Kirsta Meisdalen, Arena Neibur, Dally Neibur, Jonathan Siewing, Seth Siewing, Tia Siewing, Lauren Tuss, Chloe Van Nus, and Madison Williamson.

Juniors: Elly Anderson, Carson Ottinger, E’Mbow SaintLouis, Mason Sjostrom, Addison U...


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