One Nation, Under God

Reflecting On A Grateful Nation

As this issue of the PCN finds its’ way across the state lines and to your mailbox, I hope you took time to reflect on what a GREAT nation we live in. It is my hope as well, that this past week you have experienced a grateful nation, as well.

When one looks back at the trial and troubles our forefathers withstood to arrive at the 4th of July ~ Independence Day…is there any stronger message our country could put forth for all generations? The countless lives that fought for such freedom are insurmountable. Families were torn apart, some families were wiped from existence, and some believed in a new tomorrow that would shine a glimmer of hope as cannons sounded off. With heavy hearts they bent down to hug a loved one…one that would not see tomorrow…but one that believed in your (and my) freedom.

That is what makes us a grateful nation. Each and every one of you has the challenge to make it a great nation…to be the best we can be. It means opening your heart to others, opening your hand and lifting someone in need, and listening to the silent message they send when they say nothing at all. You…in your heart know what you could be doing for others. Perhaps we need to be reminded of the phrase and action of “pay it forward” with all those we meet. The last time I checked with my medical provider, kindness did not hurt, nor should there be a price on it. But I hope with a little prompting, reminder, and encouragement…it might just be contagious!

There are 364 days of the normal year, we have many opportunities to spread peace, freedom, our independence and a strong belief that we are doing the best we can.

To those who gave us the 4th of July as Independence Day, we ask for a blessing in their memory. For all those who still fight for the stars, and stripes of red and white…thank you for making this nation great…from one grateful heart. God Bless America!


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