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Fundraiser Organized for Malta's Bessman

There has been a GoFundMe started for Dirk Bessman, a Malta teenager, age 17, who was involved in a rollover car accident with his younger brother.

Though the brothers survived the incident, Dirk is in need of medical assistance.

Dirk is a friendly face seen at the drive thru of Malta’s Dairy Queen and also an apprentice at A&J Mobile.

The following is a letter written by Amber Bessman, his mother.

Hi, my name is Amber Bessman. I am raising funds for current and future medical expenses for my son, Dirk Bessman, who was recently in a life-altering car accident.

Dirk and his younger brother Forrest were in a rollover car accident Thursday, July 27, 2023. Forrest made the 911 call to save his brother’s life. Forrest was released from Malta Hospital. Dirk was life-flighted to Billings Clinic where medical staff immediately put in a stint to relieve brain swelling, and was soon rushed to surgery.

Dirk is suffering from fractures on his spine and fluid pressure that is built up due to a fractured vertebra pushing into his spinal cord. He has brain trauma, broken ribs, and both lungs were punctured. He is on a ventilator and sedated to give his body time to heal.

Dirk (Bubba) is a beautiful young man, he was raised in abuse and chaos but has always chosen kindness. We were left to fend for ourselves in 2017, he didn’t get much mom time, but he still chooses to be an amazing young man. He helped carry our family when Mom couldn’t. He is the oldest of four, and because of him, his siblings are becoming amazing young adults.

He went to school in Dodson where he found an amazing and positive peer group that inspired him to excel and be outgoing. He is involved in student council, FFA, and Jobs for Montanans. He had planned to join Close Up this coming year. He is loved by the staff as well as the students because of the kindness that resides in his heart and his willingness to help others.

Dirk drove his siblings to school and home, is an honor roll student, and worked 25-35 hours a week at the local Dairy Queen where he serves as Team Lead. Also, for the past few years, he has been apprenticing at A &J Mobile in Malta, where he found his first love, turning a wrench. He became the local teen to call to help other people fix their vehicles, and maybe do some MacGyvering too... He is a force to be reckoned with.

Dirk has always dropped what he was doing to help anyone out, regardless of how they treated him. He has been a light in the darkness for so many, even his mom. People rarely understand how a smile to a stranger can make a difference, but Dirk does. He truly has a beautiful soul.

Thank you for any love, prayers, and support you might be able to share as we navigate through this difficult time. Don’t stop believing.

Dirk’s GoFundMe link is:


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