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Whitewater News & Opinion for Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023

To the Malta Athletic Club: You have given away enough guns to start a Civil War in Phillips County. Don’t you think it would be more practical to buy the athletes food, the bus gas, and uniforms instead of guns?

Here in Whitewater, volleyball, cross country, and football are the present sports.

Pat Dunbar’s grandson was injured in a football game. He is much better now. I’m not sure of his name, either Emmitt or Clayton.

There was a volleyball game in Whitewater on Thursday.

Dallas and Ashley Green went to Billings for a funeral. Jeannie Green went with them and then flew to Arizona.

Samantha Wisher is baking delicious cookies. If you want to buy some, contact her.

“Get Well Wishes” to Pastor Bob Nagy, who is home recovering from surgery.

Pastor Steve Schumacher is preaching at Whitewater Lutheran Church in his absence.

The Whitewater Baptist Church is planning a bus trip to the mountains (Slippery Ann) to see the elk. Contact Pastor Wisher or Randy Stensvick for details. It should be fun.

Note: North 40 has a library with many books and videos. Help yourself.

It is a beautiful day in Whitewater. It is warm and sunny. The nights get cold, just like in the mountains.

Enjoy fall!

Helen A.


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