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Meet the Three Candidates for Malta's City Council

There are three individuals who have stepped forward and signed on to be a candidate for the position of city alderman (alderperson) and have their names on the ballots for the November 7 election. The election is done via means of mail-in ballots. The three candidates for Ward I are incumbent councilperson Bill (William) Hicks, and the two challengers for the position, Jerry Roberts and Warren Abrahamson.

Each of the candidates were presented with a page of questions for them to answer in an attempt to provide you, as the voters, an insight into their ideas and opinions on matters.

Their answers are provided here, in alphabetical order, for your review and consideration. Should you have any other questions for them, their phone numbers are listed in the phone book.

What experience and knowledge do you offer as a candidate?

WA: My experience is I have been on the city council before and would like to help make informed suggestions with the other members. Knowledge? I have lived in the community most of my life and know almost all the people.

BH: I have eight years on the City Council, and have learned a lot about City government and the legislative powers you have as a city council member, and still learning more all the time.

JR: I've been a 20-year resident and I've seen things change and some not. I had my own business in Alaska and I've run huge mechanic shops with million-dollar budgets. I'm looking to bring new ideas to our city.

What made you decide to run for the position?

WA: I believed it was time.

BH: I have enjoyed being on the council and am doing what I can to improve the City of Malta, there is always more to do for the city.

JR: I want to see things move forward and not backward. I'd like to see more community activities for our youth.

With the vandalism issue, what ideas do you propose to address it?

WA: It might be time to put up cameras, and encourage law enforcement to patrol more often.

BH: We as citizens need to report any vandalism observed to the authorities. If we have any leads call the P.C. Sheriff's office. We need to protect our city.

JR: Install lights and or cameras in the targeted areas. The vandals, once caught, need to make retribution and clean their artwork up.

Are there any changes you would like to see in how matters are handled within the structure of the City or operations of the City?

WA: I find some sometimes the city's hands are tied by state and federal laws. I also believe with the other members of the council we can do what is best for the people of Malta and the city.

BH: I believe we cannot change the structure of the city government because we must go by the Montana Municipal Handbook.

JR: The winter snow removal, "mini" car lots, alley cleanup.

Where do you stand on the City Compliance matter of cleaning up yards, vehicles parked on the street beyond 5 days, campers parked in yards, and the number of vehicles parked on lots, etc.

WA: Well, I think there is a law that states, Montana 61-8-356 MCA, that vehicles parked on a city street for more than five days needs to be moved. I also believe that is a law enforcement duty to act. Now for people's items on their lots is most likely because their neighbor don't like it. But if it becomes a hazard, MCA 45-8-113, which is also a law enforcement issue has a duty to act.

BH: It is too bad some citizens don't take pride in their property and the appearance of the city. It forces the city to try and maintain the city under the guidelines of the city ordinances.

JR: It needs to be enforced!

State your opinion on the dog issues: running at large, licensing, fines, etc.

WA: One thing I do know, is that we have a lot of wild animals in town.

BH: We need to have an ordinance to control free roaming dogs so people are safe walking the streets.

JR: The public needs to know who to call for dog issues or any animal in city limits. Stiffer fines.

Have you ever worked with a budget the size of the City?

WA: Yes.

BH: Yes.

JR: Yes, with previous employers.

Where would you like to see the budget cut or trimmed down

WA: I would have to look at it. The council all together would make that decision.

BH: With the current services the city provides, it would be difficult to cut the budget. The city tried to hold the budget at its current level.

JR: Until I sat down and looked at the budget thoroughly, I am unable to say what needs to be cut or trimmed.

How often do you attend Council meetings?

WA: As often as I like. Anyone can always come to a council meeting, but not a closed session because the council may need to talk about sensitive issues. If elected I will be able to attend all meetings.

BH: Every meeting.

JR: My work schedule makes it tough. If I am elected I will be able to attend all meetings.

How do you feel the Council is doing at this time (in handling matters and managing the budget, etc.)?

WA: Ok.

BH: The council tries to please the majority of the people, but it is impossible to satisfy 100% of the people when there are two sides to an issue. The council tries to be conservative concerning the budget.

JR: I have no complaints at this time.

Do you feel you could approach the Mayor or Council members on any matter and get results?

WA: Yes, I think the people in the City of Malta need to talk to their Mayor and Council, but getting results, the Mayor and Council would need to talk about the issues first, before any results happen.

BH: I hope the citizens feel they can approach the mayor or council with any issue and get an answer.

JR: Absolutely.

Please provide any comments on any items you might like to see the City address that will be in the best interest of the City:

WA: I don't have an answer at this time.

BH: Keep working to provide the services we need to improve our city.

JR: Water system still needs to be addressed.

How do feel the relationship is with the Fire Department?

WA: The City Chief lets the Mayor and Council know what they need, and then the city moves on advisement.

BH: Good.

JR: No complaints.

With Law Enforcement?

WA: The same as the fire department. Within the local and City agreement.

BH: Good.

JR: No complaints.


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