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Loring News for Wednesday, December 13, 2023

December 6: December hits like a whirlwind with activities each day, sometimes two! I went shopping for groceries and then had lunch with a friend, Rita Frasure, on Saturday! I am not driving right now very much because I’m having some trouble with my left eye. I’ve had two appointments and now am waiting for a specialist appointment.

Steve Schuemaker was out for church on Sunday. He will be coming out on the first Sunday of the month for a few months to hold services at the Loring Lutheran Church. He was well received and came out even though it rained and froze the night before. He said the roads were not bad! Next Sunday Orvin Solberg will be out for services. It is the angel dedication Sunday, so it’ll be a nice ceremony.

Wrestling is going on down here in Billings. Rocco had his first match and won.

One of Debbie’s granddaughters was asked to paint a picture for a silent auction at a fundraiser. So, we went down to the fund raiser and took pictures of her with her painting. It was of a Ten-point buck. It was very nice! I have not heard how much it went for.

Rodney Stordahl brought Buster down to see me! Jeannie gave him a bath and groomed him, and he looked so handsome! Thank you, Rod and Jeannie!

The seasonal plates will be put together and delivered in the first part of December. It’s always a good feeling!

Speaking of good feelings, David Stordahl and the Roaddogs were out and about collecting toys for the kids here in Billings. Then on Saturday about 500 bikers paraded around with truckloads of toys they had gathered. It is so humbling to be a part of such a huge program, which has a huge impact!

Until next time...

December 13: I must apologize. I wrote my column last week but didn’t send it. So sorry. I didn’t know until Bonnie McMullen said she missed it. I’m getting forgetful.

I had a visitor this week whose roots were in the Hermanson area. He was Arlen Kovach. His grandparents and parents had a farm over by the old school. The funny thing was that I asked him about Donna Kovach and he said he had been married to her and I said she was also married to my brother-in-law, Richard. Surprise! We had a nice visit and Louie Miller also visited him.

On Monday evening I joined a group of corn hole players. It was fun but I wasn’t very good.

Nancy Murdock made a quick trip to Billings on Saturday! She came over to visit for a few minutes between shopping sprees!

North Country Repair had a great turnout for their customer appreciation afternoon!

A welcome home party was held for Matt Norville who had been stationed overseas for the past year. Pete Lumsden took the horses and wagon to the Norville place south of Dodson for wagon rides with everyone! Jonnae and Jim Slade of Billings were up to help with the celebration, also!

The North Country Mavericks played in Lewistown this past weekend. The ladies won both of their games! The guys are still struggling but I think the team is young, so they’ll get in the groove soon!

Until next week, watch the stars in the night sky! They should be clear now with the new moon!


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