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Memories for Wednesday, December 27, 2023

10 yrs ago

Dec. 24, 2013

American Legion members Ken Wiederrick, David Wilkes, Jim Sintler and Gary Faydo presented a check for $500 to the Boys and Girls Club.

What do Col. Sanders, Coca Cola and Wade Hasler have in common? They all have a secret recipe ingredient. In Wade’s case, the secret ingredient is in his dad’s (Bud Hasler) homemade Roquefort Dip.

Sen. Max Baucus has nominated Jake French of Choteau for acceptance into the United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs.

Four residents of the Hi-Line Retirement Center were interviewed as their thoughts on Christmas memories. The residents were Terrance Bell, Ellen Korsbeck, Fred Kindle, Dorothy Johnson and Viola Beyer.

Bell shared that his “mother had five sons in WWII at the time so typically Christmas was filled with tears; she used to cry all the time.” Kindle said “it was a tough time, every gift we got was second hand.” Johnson said her “dad was strict and rough, not jolly;” Beyer recalled “everyone had money to spend on staying alive and that was it.”

Doris Poor recalled the tragic death of her father, Oliver Bucher, who was one of eight men who were killed in a mud slide at Fort Peck Dam; only two bodies were recovered. The other six assumed entombed in the ground. Missing.

At the Villa



Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, & Josh Gad


25 yrs ago

Dec. 23, 1998

Four Zortman residents were charged with using a computer, scanner and printer to print counterfeit money. US Secret Service agent Tim Christine said David White and Jesse White, brothers, were arrested in Zortman. Ilene White, wife of Jesse, was arrested in Great Falls. A third brother, Dewey White, was arrested in Indiana.

The home of the Allan Crowder family was destroyed in a fire, apparently caused by a faulty wood stove. The home was a 100% loss; Red Cross was contacted for immediate assistance and accounts were set up at the banks for donations. A jam session and auction benefit will be held at the VFW.

Finalist in the Malta Elementary School Geography Bee were Nathan Perius, Jordan Hould, Ronald Marten-Dent, Ryan Flatt, D. J. Slade, Greg Solberg, William Pinnock, Erin Green, and Sarah Hotaling.

Jill King was the lucky winner of a bicycle give-away. Shoppers could sign up during the Thursday night opening.

Lewistown’s Golden Eagles probably wished they were soaring high over a Montana coulee, looking for a rabbit, like their namesake raptor. They would have had better luck at a coulee than they did at the Malta High School gym. The Mustangs shut down Lewistown scoring from the start; the Eagles just two field goals in the first quarter; Malta won 32-26.

Nine people, including three veterinarians, are undergoing a series of five injections over a period of time after coming into contact with a young puppy which was diagnosed after it had been put to sleep. None of the nine had been bitten but were treated because they had come into contact with the puppy and had been licked by the puppy, coming into contact with is saliva.

About $300,000 in Christmas Scrip had been loaned out to Phillips County residents.

Letters to Santa had the following requests: Jake Handley wrote “I would like catcher’s stuff. Like a face mask and chest pad would be nice. A catcher’s mitt and knee pad for my knees would protect me and a cup and all the other baseball stuff in the whole world. From Mitch Ereaux, “How are you doing? I would like a cd rom game or some of your choice that you think I would like. Also a Merry Christmas to everyone. Sincerely, Mitch Ereaux (Ear o). Kate Murdock wrote, “I want a camera, a teddy bear, a beanie baby, a real baby reindeer, a play station with game like three or five play station games,, a talk boy, a touch lamp, a candle that smells like water melon, a breyer horse, designer szisors, gloves,, a stereo with a micraphone, a little teddy polar bear, and a stuffed santa claus.”

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50 yrs ago

Dec. 20, 1973

Four generations were represented as Mrs. Harry Combes posed with her son, John Clausen, grandson, Dennis Clausen, and great-grandson, Curtis John Clausen.

The Malta Mustangs repeated their last week’s performance with two impressive wins. Though Glasgow managed 18 of 21 points at the foul line, the Mustangs pulled off a victory of 59-46. In their best performance of the season, the Mustangs rocked Wolf Point 67-50, leaving the Wolves winless this year.

Newly elected president of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Clarence Mikkelson, told the group that the Montana High School Rodeo Association had decided the State High School Rodeo would be held in Hamilton; Malta had applied for it again.

Ruth Smith and Ronald Moericke were married in an afternoon ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Vital Statistics for the week include the birth of sons to Mrs. Alan Wasson and Mrs. Richard Caves. Ronald Nordlund and Loretta Perry received a marriage certificate.

The Malta Mustang wrestlers were sparked by wins from Christ Barthelmess, Nick Cebulski, Leo Barthelmess and Steve Baeth to win matches over Browning and Shelby.

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“Live and Let Die”

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“Charlotte’s Web”

Starring Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde & Henry Gibson


75 yrs ago

Dec. 23, 1948

Legionnaires and members of the Auxiliary enjoyed their annual joint Christmas party Monday evening. Following the business meetings of the two organizations, the Auxiliary put on the program. Taking part were Janet Marie Smith, Michael Strope, Mickey and Carol Stotts, Bobby LaRoche, Sharon Smith, Karen Granat, Kay Ulrich and Bernadine Kvamme. Mrs. Carl Eaton, chairman of the Auxiliary membership committee reported that the Auxiliary has reached its quota of 95 members.

Lillian Grimsley, a Malta high school junior, will represent Phillips County at the Montana Wool Growers’ meeting in Missoula in January with a 100 percent home grown, handmade product as her entry in the National Wool Growers “Make it Yourself - With Wool” contest. Miss Grimsley’s entry is a sheer white evening dress of soft wool and an evening wrap of Angora and sheep wool grown in Phillips County, washed, carded, spun and woven at the Angora Wool Cooperative in Malta.

Jimmy O’Brien, about 26, is being held in the city jail as the result of a shooting affray at the O’Brien apartment on Front Street early Monday morning in which Chief of Police A. W. Pray was shot through the right thigh and below the left knee.

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“It Had To Be You”

Starring Ginger Rogers & Cornel Wilde


“Duel In The Sun”

Starring Jennifer Jones, Gregory Peck & Joseph Cotton


100 yrs ago

The prediction that 1906 would be a banner year for the arrival of settlers in northern Montana was made by the Glasgow land office registrar.

William Lee, a young man who had been severely burned in the explosion of a stove in a G. N. refrigerator car, had died in Malta. There were no known relatives. He was buried in Malta.

Kenneth Murray, George Robinson and Edna Robinson were home from the State university for the holidays. George Hould was spending the holidays at home from Valley City, N. Dak. where he was attending high school.

George Morrison of Lovejoy was in for treatment for blood poisoning in one hand.

Fred Dow, a former Malta resident, had been arrested 23 miles north of Billings with a $3,000 cargo of Canadian whisky. Officers caught him when his car blew a tire.


118 yrs ago

There was a white Christmas in 1905 and the warm chinook wind was cutting the drifts. The Malta band boys were advertising a grand concert, minstrel show and free dance for New Year’s Eve.

There had been a temperance meeting at the Cottonwood school. Julius Thompson, a Great Northern brakeman, was knocked off the Milk River bridge at Malta and fell 15 feet to the rocks below. He received a broken leg.

Rev. Snape had tendered his resignation as pastor of the Methodist Church in Malta effective March 1.


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