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Street Talk...for Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Question: How was the State Wrestling Tournament and what was it like to be there?

Rio Oxarart:

"I was towel boy at the state wrestling; it was pretty cool watching Chaka Schipman win the state championship. It was pretty cool 'cuz he's a junior and most are seniors."

Calvin Squires (also towel boy):

"It was pretty cool being down on the mats and watching the older people wrestle and it was pretty cool watching Chaka win. He beat a really good kid that he knew he could beat, he just had to concentrate on the match ."

Leslie Schipman (Chaka's mom):

"It was awesome, we're very proud of Chaka, he did a really good job and I want to thank the supporters, the ones that came and w...


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