One Nation, Under God

Minerva Crantz Allen, Sunk' Pa (Muskrat), (April 24, 1934 - May 24, 2024)

Minerva Crantz Allen, Sunk' Pa (Muskrat), 90, passed away on Friday, May 24, 2024, surrounded by family. She was the daughter of a French Chippewa man, Ernest Crantz, Sr., and an Assiniboine–Gros Ventre mother, Felistis Chopwood. Born at home in a log cabin in Big Warm, a small community three miles south of Lodgepole, with the help of midwives Lady Goes Flying and Prisoner Wing, on a snowy spring day, April 24, 1934. After she was born, her grandfather Henry Chopwood held her up to the sun and asked the sun to keep her so that she could grow up, have children and live a long life. In those da...


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