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Local Man Injured in Ranch Accident

Steven Johannesen was severely injured on Thursday evening, May 23, while burning garbage at the ranch north of Loring. Something in the barrel exploded catching him on fire. He was able to make it to the water hydrant and laid underneath and put himself out.

He was flown to the Salt Lake Burn Center, which is the top burn center in the U.S., with 55% of his body burned with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He is the process of going through several operations; he will be at the Burn Center for two to three months.

Twila, his mother, has set up an account at the First State Bank to help with medical expenses.

He can receive cards at: Jennifer Hoge, 236 South 2nd St. W., or Box 643, Malta, MT, 59538. Cards need to be laminated for sanitary reasons before sent to Steven. Please, do not send or call to have delivered: live plants, balloons, or stuffed animals.

As of Wednesday when Twilla gave the PCN the information about the accident, she was able to report he has undergone surgery to remove damaged tissue.

He is in very good spirits. He has to undergo surgeries to do the next level of skin graft. His skin tissue has been sent to Boston to regrow new skin cells. The burn did not get into the tendons or bones to do damage; his vitals organs, heart and lungs, are good, also. They shut the ventilator off until further surgeries, and he is breathing on his own. He had two surgeries last week and one is scheduled for Thursday for grafting skin on his hands and back.

Steven spent his 38th birthday recovering from the incident in the Burn Center, on May 28th. He has a daughter, Lexie, who is a sophomore, and twin sons, Shane and Shelton, age 10.

Twilla welcomes phone calls if you have any questions or concerns, her cell number is 406-390-4431. The family appreciates everyone for keeping Steven in their thoughts and prayers. His address at the Burn Center is Steven Johannesen, Room 4406, Burn Unit, 50 North Medical Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84132.


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