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By Gary Weitz
Dodson School Superintendent 

Superintendent's Desk for the week of August 17, 2016

Dodson Schools


August 17, 2016

Welcome back to another school year!

As summer winds down the excitement of another school year is in the air!! Within the Dodson School District we have been working extremely hard preparing for the 2016-17 school year. The preparation for this up and coming school year began in the spring with extensive collaboration and strategic planning at our elementary and secondary levels. Certified teaching staff and paras met on numerous occasions establishing a shared vision and direction for 2016-17 focusing on curriculum, technology, and alignment of the most modern up to date classroom resources that put our teaching professionals in a position to successfully educate on a daily basis. The commitment and investment by our school board of directors in these K-12 resources, along with the district's investment in new and modern technology infrastructure and complete Ipad technology classroom tools to supplement our interventions in reading and math….. puts our staff and students in an excellent position to successfully increase student achievement and teaching success.

Throughout the summer months of June, July and August our maintenance and custodial teams have made tremendous progress to the building and grounds and it goes well beyond the annual refinishing of floors and gymnasiums. The addition of a new six hoop outdoor basketball court, replacement and repair of 14 large windows and mason borders on the south side, attention to detail and grooming on the playground and south field lawns, the grading and filling of our entire property parking surfaces on the east and west sides that includes the addition of a new parking lot area with lighting installed have clearly provided a clean and neat appearance to our facilities on a daily basis. Kudos to our summer crew and to our school board for supporting the additional manpower needed.

Also involved in our planning for this school year was the addition of two full time certified teaching positions and increased para time that did not exist in the past. Our school board's support in these additional human resources “opens up the doors” to developing a master schedule that can aggressively and properly meet student reading and math interventions and needs.

I am excited at the new staff we have interviewed and will be employing. Their references identify them all as high character people who understand how to contribute to a positive climate and work environment. I am excited at the improvements and investments made to the new teacher resources and technology throughout the building. I am excited at the work and improvements of a clean building and grounds which motivates students and staff each day and provides an environment for successful teaching and learning. Research has shown……and it is no secret to those of us in education………. the formula for a successful school is;

Modern, research based teaching resources that align


Modern technology infrastructure and technology tools


A quality teaching staff that understands and operates in a positive climate


A clean and neat building and grounds and environment





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