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Alpha Zeta Chapter donates books to PC Library


Alpha Zeta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma recently donated twenty-five books to the Phillips County Library. Alpha Zeta Chapter bought books in memory of members who have passed away. Those members honored are Dolores Hughes, Nyla Long, Grace Lucas, and Florence Schumacher. In addition to the books bought in remembrance, several other books were donated. Please go to the Library to find these books:

Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey by Russell Rowland

Rowland spent over a year studying and traveling around Montana. Along the way, he considered our state's essential character, where we came from, and, most of all, what we might be in the process of becoming. Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey is astounding in beauty and vitality, interwoven with great wisdoms. Everything about Montana is big: its proverbial sky, its mountains, its wide open spaces. And yet, Russell Rowland has managed to capture all that grand landscape–and the people who inhabit it–into the intimacy of a single book.

Copper Sky by Milana Marsenich

Set in the Copper Camp of Butte, Montana in 1917, Copper Sky tells the story of two women with opposite lives. Kaly Shane, mired in prostitution, struggles to find a safe home for her unborn child, while Marika Lailich, a Slavic immigrant, dodges a pre-arranged marriage to become a doctor. As their paths cross, and they become unlikely friends, neither knows the family secret that ties them together. The feminine spirit of the West comes alive in early twentieth century Montana.

Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear

Eight books were bought to add to the collection of the Maisie Dobbs series.

Maisie Dobbs is a fictional character created by the author Jacqueline Winspear. Dobbs is a "psychologist and investigator" in post–World War I London. After serving as a nurse during the war, she returned to London and starts her own business as a psychologist and investigator. She is hired to investigate for various people and each book leads us through the historical times and events from 1920-1940.

The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon by Mark Poe

Eight books were bought for this collection.

Harry Moon is fictional character created by Mark Poe that will interest most kids ages 7-13 Years Old. Harry is a thirteen-year-old magician in eighth grade. Harry is smart, short, and a geek. Surprisingly, destiny has chosen him to be a hero: Against all odds, Harry with his friends, the Good Mischief Team, must stand up to the evil curse that holds his town captive. “DO NO EVIL” is their motto.

The Enchanted World of Honey Moon by Sofi Benitez

Seven books were purchased for this collection.

This is a spin-off of Harry Moon series by Mark Andrew Poe, where Honey Moon is his 10 year old sister. Honey is spunky, brave and spirited and has no trouble speaking her mind, even if it gets her grounded once in a while. Honey has a strong sense of good and evil, especially useful in the strange town of Sleepy Hollow. She is able to empathize with other people’s problems and will try to solve them. Her motto is: “I always go where I am needed.” The stories are funny and entertaining and tell about how we can make even a small difference in the world.


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