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Malta teams second in Fergus


Pierre Bibbs

Malta sophomore LesLie Young comes off the blocks in the short relay event in Malta.

The Mustangs and M-ettes saw double duty last week as the teams competed in the Fergus High School Invitational in Lewistown on Saturday, April 27.

At the Fergus Invitational both Malta teams took second place. The Mustangs had a total of 144 points, while the M-ettes had a total of 110. Fergus won both meets with the boys scoring 268 and the girls scoring 226. The Dodson teams took fifth with the Coyotes scoring 16 and the Lady Coyotes scoring eight. The Saco Panther boys' team took eleventh with a total of 10 points, while the Saco Lady Panthers took fourteenth with three points.

The following are individual stat lines from the Fergus Invitational meet.

M-ettes at Fergus

SR=Denotes Season Record, PR= Denotes Personal Record.

400 Meters: 3rd Kaylee Bishop 1:07.07a, 8th Nikki Nicholson 1:16.11aPR, 10th Makiya Wilke 1:19.42aPR.

100m Hurdles - 33": 2nd Justine Lamb 17.42a, 4th Kayla Judd 19.24a, 6th Jillian O'Brien 20.37a, 7th Nikki Nicholson 20.51a.

300m Hurdles - 30": 1st Justine Lamb 51.83aPR, 3rd Erica Smith 53.76a, 6th Jillian O'Brien 58.82a, 7th Nikki Nicholson 59.74a, 8th Kayla Judd 1:00.18a.

4x100 Relay: 2. Leslie Young, Erica Smith, Kaylee Bishop, and Wylee Young 56.44a.

Shot Put - 4kg: 6th Carly Garfield 30-10.00, 7th Justine Lamb 29-05.50PR, 9th Sidney Meeks 28-05.00PR, 13th Shelby Jones 24-11.00, 15th Makiya Wilke 19-06.00.

Discus - 1kg: 4th Carly Garfield 100-08, 8th Sidney Meeks 83-08, 9th Kyleigh Schipman 75-05PR, 10th Shelby Jones 72-01.

Javelin - 600g: 2nd Kyleigh Schipman 107-08, 8th Shelby Jones 77-02, 9th Kaylee Bishop 74-10, 10th Sidney Meeks 74-06SR.

High Jump: 1st Wylee Young 4-07.00, 1st Jillian O'Brien 4-07.00, 3rd Erica Smith 4-05.00SR, 5th Justine Lamb 4-03.00, 5th Kayla Judd 4-03.00.

Long Jump: 1st Erica Smith 15-01.00, 4th Jillian O'Brien 13-03.00SR, 7th Makiya Wilke 10-06.00.

Triple Jump: 2nd Erica Smith 30-06.25, 3rd Jillian O'Brien 28-02.00SR.

Mustangs @ Fergus:

100 Meters: 1st Michael Pugh 11.93a, 2nd Andres Lopez 12.30a, 8th Keigo Kawai 13.12a, 10th Rex Williamson 13.30a, 12th RC Skiff 13.44a, 13th Cash Salsbery 13.56a, 16th Thaddious Adams 13.83aPR, 17th Cordel Salsbery 13.87aPR, 21st Daniel Hsieh 14.71a.

400 Meters: 1st Michael Pugh 55.39a, 4th Keigo Kawai 57.43a, 9th Kooper Oxarart 1:01.90a, 10th Rex Williamson 1:02.54a, 12th Zach Welch 1:02.99a, 13th Zac Judd 1:06.24a, 15th Thaddious Adams 1:10.04a.

1600 Meters: 6th Marcus Woods 6:18.57a.

110m Hurdles - 39": 3rd Cormac Benn 18.97aPR, 5th Zac Judd 20.72a, 6th Kanyon Stiles 21.02a, 7th Connor Tuss 23.24a.

300m Hurdles - 36": 2nd Cormac Benn 43.57aPR, 6th Zac Judd 50.53aPR, 8th Kanyon Stiles 53.21a, 9th Connor Tuss 53.89aPR.

4x100 Relay: 2. Zac Judd, Keigo Kawai, RC Skiff, and Rex Williamson 49.65a.

Shot Put - 12lb: 2nd Andres Lopez 43-01.00, 10th Cash Salsbery 35-07.00, 12th Cordel Salsbery 34-11.00, 14th Eion Estill 32-00.50, 15th Frankie Werk 31-03.00, 16th David Pitman 30-10.00, 18th Kooper Oxarart 30-04.00, 19th Daniel Hsieh 25-00.00.

Discus - 1.6kg: 3rd Cordel Salsbery 117-00.50PR, 4th Cash Salsbery 113-11, 6th David Pitman 104-08PR, 16th Eion Estill 65-10.

Javelin - 800g: 1st Andres Lopez 146-03, 2nd Kooper Oxarart 124-11, 7th Connor Tuss 108-10PR, 15th Eion Estill 92-10PR, 16th Daniel Hsieh 80-05.

High Jump: 2nd Tanner Smith 5-08.00, 2nd Cormac Benn 5-08.00.

Long Jump: 1st Michael Pugh 19-05.75, 2nd Tanner Smith 18-11.00, 5th Rex Williamson 16-09.75, 16th RC Skiff 13-10.50, 17th David Pitman 11-07.50.

Triple Jump: 2nd Tanner Smith 35-10.00, 3rd Cormac Benn 35-09.75.


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