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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for October 23, 2009


October 23, 2019

Can you believe it? I’m in Arizona for a few days and reporting from my brother’s home. It is cool in the mornings and then it heats up to the low 90’s for the afternoon!

Debbie Richau traveled to Scottsdale with me on Thursday. Friday we were invited over to my niece’s home for dinner. I enjoyed seeing her home and visiting with Regan and Hudson!

Then on Saturday, we went out for dinner and went over to watch a Patsy Cline tribute concert! Crazy and Lonesome Am I were two songs that brought the house down! We have had a great time!

Deepest sympathy to Debbie Dyrdahl and Sharon and Dusty Hill on the death of Leroy Dyrdahl. He has been in the retirement home for a few months and I’m sure he will be joking with my husband up in heaven. We just never know when it’ll be our turn so we must be ready!

I had a great time watching the three blue Jays playing around in my bird bath this past week and trying to eat the suet blocks!

Cindy and Dave Clark had a tool sale on Saturday and Sunday. I think they really downsized! something I’ll have to do someday!

No church this week.

The Loring Woman's Club met at the home of Gale Simonson on Wednesday. There were most of the members present plus a new neighbor Tina Russel. Tina is married to the new border personnel.

Dixie Stordahl shared her painting supplies and showed all of the members how to paint a fall leaf! it was surprising how many could paint a fall leaf (100%) when they said they could not even draw a stick figure! When all the paintings were posted together, it made a beautiful set of fall leaves!

I am surprised about how fast the school year is going! They have been in school for nine weeks already and had parent teacher conferences on Tuesday! I was honored that they called about 8:30 to see if they could be done. Of course I said only if you’ve seen all the parents! It is just a joke that we have together!

Have a great week all!


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