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By Mark Hebert

Stand as one, Phillips County, during wacky time


March 18, 2020

These are crazy times we are living in, but let’s not lose our heads and above anything else, let’s come together, not further distance ourselves from one another.

The COVID-19 virus really hit us at home last week, first with the announcement of the virus making its way to the Treasure state, and then again when Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced the closure of all Montana schools.

Some people (not all, thankfully) took to social media last week to bash our current and former federal leaders, the media, and then one another as the news of this virus spread. How about we cut that crap out, eh?

I don’t care where you fall politically, if you agree or disagree with how the media is covering this mess, or if you think the entire thing is overblown or people aren’t taking it seriously enough…it’s here, so let’s team up and deal with it as a community.

Here at the PCN office, the news is changing by the hour and it is hard to know exactly what to report. Thus far, we have let the national and state media report on the coronavirus except for a story last week declaring the State GeoBee, which was to include two of our Phillips County students, had been canceled. It was our editorial decision that unless it directly affected the people of Phillips County, we would let other media take the reigns because, quite frankly, it is somewhat hard to exactly know what is going on. What is real. What is hyperbole and hysteria.

Well, now it is affecting all of us, regardless of race, creed, gender, or political feelings. That doesn’t mean that it will necessarily affect more than a few weeks of school and “social distancing” (and I am not downplaying those things, but if that is the worst that happens, that would be great.) There is no reason to get hysterical, but there is reason to band together and stand as one (…just not too close, ya know?)

Let us remember in this whacky time that we are a community and that if we stand together, nothing can stop us. Follow the direction of our Phillips County Nurses Office and the leaders at the Phillips County Hospital and Family Clinic and the staff here at the PCN will do our best to keep you informed on these printed pages as well as online.

As a community, we are Phillips County Proud, always have been, always will be.


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