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  • One last time for the PCN

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Dec 2, 2020

    So, here it is. With both sadness and excitement, I sit in the PCN office on Saturday morning penning what is likely my last column for this newspaper. After nearly seven years as the publisher of the Phillips County News, I am setting sail for Texas to start a new career as a social media director for an Italian restaurant. This column is dedicated to all of you who faithfully read the newspaper and I would like to say, it has been quite the ride. I have been my honor to be at the head of the newspaper for the past seven years and I have...

  • Yesterday's Phillips County News Memories for 11.25.20

    Mark Hebert|Nov 25, 2020

    1 years ago November 18, 1920 A group of Malta boys were apprehended and confessed to thefts from the Koke Harness Shop, Cauffman's Grocery Store and the Valley Drug Store. ** Several farmers from the Lovejoy area had gone to Canada to work on the railroad being constructed through Saskatchewan. ** A wrestling match was scheduled for December 31 between W. W. Ward and Otto Suter. 75 years ago November 22, 1945 Post office at Content in Dyers' hands 31 years Because of the retirement of Mrs....

  • Sorry if you disagree...but not really

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Nov 4, 2020

    I have heard the grumblings about the PCN office being closed to the public (for the most part) and about the “No Mask, No Entry” signs I have posted on the front door. I am sorry if you are upset. I am not sorry for the decision. A popular opinion around town and on social media is “don’t live in fear.” I am not afraid of Covid-19, but I am afraid of people who don’t take it seriously. It doesn’t matter if you believe the conspiracy theories about this deadly disease. Equating COVID-19 to “people die in car accidents, so we should we stop...

  • Gov. Bullock commends Phillips County for COVID-19 response

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Sep 9, 2020

    The Phillips County Health Department reported on Wednesday, September 9, that all of the 113 people who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus have recovered, none are in the hospital, and there are now no active cases in the county. “Throughout the past couple of weeks, it is clearly evident that COVID-19 has made a strong presence in Phillips County,” the Health Department reported on August 19. “It is also clearly evident that with immediate reaction, diligent contact tracing, fast testing turnaround, cooperative individuals, and help... Full story

  • Maybe I agree with 45?

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Aug 26, 2020

    Well, if I am not going to see it, maybe I am okay with no longer paying it. US President Donald Trump signed a series of executive orders recently to provide temporary relief to Americans who are dealing with the economic-impact felt during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. One of those orders was to instructs employers to defer certain payroll taxes for the rest of the year for people who earn less than $100,000 annually. On August 8, President Trump said he intended “terminate the tax” referring to Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. “It...

  • Confirmed COVID-19 cases hit County

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Aug 12, 2020

    After months of no positive COVID-19 virus cases in Phillips County, last week that changed when on Tuesday, August 4, the first five positive cases were reported and since then, the number has climbed to a total of 45 as of Monday morning, August 10. (Editor's Note: The total cases as of August 11 is now 52.) The announcement was made of the first five cases by the Phillips County Health Department who have been working overtime to make sure the public is informed, surface testing is being...

  • Malta's Troop #1429 makes the most of Joe's In & Out opportunity

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Aug 12, 2020

    A staple at any Phillips County Fair for many years in Dodson has been the Boy Scout's Burger booth - and all the deliciousness that entails - but ahead of this year's fair, it was decided the Malta Boy Scout Troop #1429 would forgo their fundraiser due to COVID-19 virus concerns. In stepped Cheyenne and Dwight Score, owners of Malta's Joe's In & Out, to save the day. The couple had planned to take the fair weekend off to let their employees have time off to attend, but when the Boy Scouts...

  • Malta City Council final July 28 recap

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Aug 12, 2020

    At the final Malta City Council meeting of July, the Council heard updates and reports from various department heads. Malta Public Works Director Jim Truelove reported that some people had been living in Trafton Park but had been asked to move along and were now gone. Director Truelove said that the Municipal Pool was looking good and at the time of the meeting (July 28) as long as lifeguards were available to work the pool would continue to stay open this summer. (Since then, the first known positive cases of the COVID-19 virus in Phillips...

  • Malta non-profit on a mission to help local cats

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Aug 5, 2020

    In May of this year, the Malta City Council was tasked with lowering the amount of stray cats around town and after much discussion and several plans, a group of local animal lovers formed the non-profit group "Malta Trap, Neuter Return" (MTNR) to get this problem more manageable. "Basically, we started our nonprofit to trap neuter release the stray cats in town to cut down the population," said group President Raelynn Jean Robinson. "It is the gold standard in most cities because it works. It...

  • First Cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Phillips County

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Aug 5, 2020

    The Phillips County Health Department confirmed via social media Tuesday night (Aug. 4, 2020) that there has been five confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Phillips County. “As there are currently four or more active COVID-19 cases, masks are mandatory in Phillips County,” the press release states, complying with the directive requiring face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19 issued by Montana Governor Steve Bullock on July 15, which applies to counties currently experiencing four or...

  • Farewell, Facebook, at least until Nov. 4

    Mark Hebert, PCN Publisher|Jul 29, 2020

    I paused my Facebook account because I am tired of the hatred and fake news that is posted there. You can call me “triggered” but I argue I am less inclined to be such without this branch of social media …or any social media, for that matter (lest we forget that Facebook owns Instagram.) The amount of stupidity, conspiracy theories, and straight out lies on Facebook are the reason I have pulled that trigger. Couple those aspects along with the political ads (most of which are lies regardless of party) and the perfect storm of contentious quarr...

  • Yesterday's Phillips County News Memories for July 29, 2020

    Mark Hebert, PCN Publisher|Jul 29, 2020

    1 years ago July 27,1920 A big celebration was advertised for July 20, at the H. R. Huston place, seven miles Southwest of Malta. *** Grover Wait had promised to repeat his Wild West Show staged the previous year at his ranch on the north bench. Principle attraction was to be steer riding by Bert Moylan and Vern Ludwick. *** A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Tout at Havre. *** A severe windstorm blew windows out at the Murray Drug Store and the Smoke House. *** Ike Niebaur was down fr...

  • PC 4-H Livestock Sale offers two ways to buy

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jul 22, 2020

    The Phillips County Fair 4-H events have been shuffled around a bit this year and the livestock sale has been moved online and only buyers will be in person as COVID-19 concerns grow. Those looking to buy at this year's livestock sale are asked to use an online auction where they must register before the event (that URL is: The event starts on Saturday, August 1 at 9 a.m., and buyers are asked to be at the M...

  • Since you're minding yours, I'll mind mine

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jul 22, 2020

    E-gads! What an outcry from the people who refuse to wear masks. I hear ya, the choice is yours…but not really. Last week, Montana Governor Steve Bullock issued a mask mandate for certain counties in the state where there are four or more confirmed cases of COVID-19. Thankfully, and so far, that doesn’t include Phillips County where we do not have any cases at the time I am writing this. There are exemptions, for some, but at the end of the day, a mandate is, by definition, “an official order or commission to do something.” Now, nobody likes t...

  • Feel free to mind your business

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jul 15, 2020

    Yesterday I heard a jackass bleat. “Baaaahhh… Baaaahhhh.” As I sat in my Jeep with Goose the News Hound riding shotgun, the line behind me started to grow and folks lined up for free COVID-19 virus testing at the Milk River Pavilion last Thursday morning. The Phillips County Health Department and Phillips County Hospital and Family Clinic teamed-up on the day to give anyone who wanted one a test for COVID-19, so I figured what the heck. “Baaaahhh… Baaaahhhh.” There it was again. I looked out my car window and a man I have never seen, met,...

  • Zortman 4th of July Celebration

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jul 8, 2020

  • P.C. Fair ready to roll with modifications

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jul 8, 2020

    The show will go on this July 30 through August 2, but with some modifications from the original plans due to the COVID-19 virus. Phillips County Fair Board Member Eric Wilke told the PCN last week that the 105th Phillips County Fair in Dodson will have a Friday night concert featuring Kyle Shobe & the Walk 'Em Boys who recently played in Malta at the Northwest Reality and Auction Customer Appreciation night at Stockman's Terrace. The Demolition Derby & AMX Car Races will be featured at the...

  • Book signing and kid's fun at GPDM

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jul 1, 2020

    The Kid's Day and book signing at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta last Saturday had GPDM Paleontologist Cary Woodruff pleased as punch on Monday morning. "Our community is the tops!" he told the PCN. "Thank you to all the people who attended our Kids' Day at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum. We were very grateful for the nice turnout." Woodruff's children's book "Beyond Dinosaurs My First Book about Flying Creatures" was recently released and the book signing was a part of a fun day...

  • Book signing and Kid's Fun Day at GPDM in Malta

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jun 24, 2020

    Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Field Station (GPDM) Paleontologist Cary Woodruff has penned his first children's book entitled "Beyond Dinosaurs! My First Book About Flying Creatures" and to celebrate the book's release and the children of Phillips County, the GPDM will be hosting a book signing and kid's day this Saturday, June 27 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Woodruff, who succeeded long-time GPDM paleontologist Sue Frary in 2016, said that he had always wanted to write children's books and the...

  • GPDM's Woodruff to be featured on PBS

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jun 17, 2020

    As anyone in Phillips County knows, if you have a question about anything prehistoric-related, Great Plains Dinosaur Museum and Fieled Station's Director of Paleontology Cary Woodruff is your huckleberry. So it makes sense the Public Broadcast Service's Emily Graslie took to the the road and started filming for "Prehistoric Road Trip" - a three-part series where Graslie travels across the western United States examining our planet's history - she found Malta's Woodruff. "I am one of the experts...

  • Family Matters celebrates 20 years

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jun 17, 2020

    "We are so excited to announce our 20 year anniversary! Especially with the past six months that we have had, we couldn't wait to celebrate something positive!" said Avery Sorensen. Sorensen has been the manager for the store the past eight years, with each year presenting a new challenge. One consistent thing was that she could see the direction of online shopping headed in an upward trend and knew she had to jump in with both feet and hire an Assistant Manager to help manage the social media...

  • Malta City Council Meeting recap

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jun 17, 2020

    In case you hadn't noticed, the City of Malta is currently spraying for mosquitoes because, well, tis this season. That was reported during the City of Malta Public Works Director Jim Truelove's bi-weekly report to the City Council during which he also gave an update on the city-wide clean up going on around Malta, updates on the shower rooms at the Municipal Pool, doing so ahead of Malta City Fire Chief Greg Boos giving an update and need for work on the City's Number 2 Fire Truck. Director...

  • Knudsen wins contested race, Christofferson, Dunbar, and Lang retain offices following primary

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jun 10, 2020

    Statewide in Montana, nearly 55-percent of registered voters turned out for last Tuesday's Federal Primary Mail-in Ballot Election, an all-time record for a primary election in the Treasure State, and in Phillips County, nearly 70-percent of registered voters submitted ballots. "The Federal Primary Election as a mail ballot election went well," Phillips County Clerk and Recorder Lynnel LaBrie said. "Of the 2,521 ballots issued to eligible voters in Phillips County, 1,739 ballots were returned....

  • Live music to highlight NW Realty customer appreciation party at the Stockman Terrace

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jun 10, 2020

    As some summer events for Phillips County have bit the dust this week, one this Friday, June 12 in Malta as Kyle Shobe & the Walk 'Em Boys head to town to take the stage at the Stockman Terrace courtesy of United Country Real Estate Northwest Realty & Auction as they celebrate their 1st Annual Community Appreciation party. United Country Real Estate Northwest Realty & Auction Calry Bishop told the PCN that at last year's Grand Opening Party that the weather cooperated, and there was a wide-...

  • Concert, Jamboree, and Car Show canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions

    Mark Hebert, Publisher|Jun 10, 2020

    One by one, events in Phillips County and around the country keep disappearing from the 2020 calendar and three more added to that list for this summer recently; Easton Corbin mainstage concert at the 105th Phillips County Fair in Dodson, The First State bank of Malta Car Show, and the Annual Milk River Gospel Jamboree have all been canceled. The Phillips County Fair Board was excited to bring Country Music's Easton Corbin to the mainstage, Friday night concert, but unfortunately Corbin has to cancel all his summer shows due to COVID-19...

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