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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for May 20, 2020


Brandings and seeding are the two things going on mainly in our area! Good luck with both. The annual Compton cattle drive from Boulder, MT to Loring has been completed in the modern way by semi trucks with cattle pots! Not as much stress or time or ranch hands needed!

The Loring community extends sympathy to the family of Judy Rustad. Judy was a kind person who always had a smile. Also sympathy to the community of Turner on the death of Jim Reed, who owned the garage over there and drove the bus for many decades! And finally sending our condolences to The family of Sherman Doucette. Sherman and my dad were county commissioners together and were good friends.

In Loring there really isn't much to open up, but we did have church the last two Sundays. I did hold a bible study in my home on Wednesday and it was fun seeing a few people at the same time.

I attended a Great Plains Dinosaur Museum board meeting on Monday, trying to make plans to open and when or if we might have our Wine and Dino. We will open June 1.

Cary Woodruff completed his 14 day isolation on Saturday! He drove out to visit with some landowners and stopped in at my house for lunch. Hunter seemed to like the country!

This weekend Space X will be putting up numerous rocket satellites. So watch the skies to see if you can spot numerous tiny lights flying in formation or one by one, in the night sky!

Congrats to all the graduates from high school! The 8th graders from Whitewater held a zoom graduation where they got their certificates at home! Paige Wasson, Ava Hanley and Kendall Scheffelmear were the three graduating at Whitewater. Also the only senior from Whitewater, Lucas Lawless, graduated in December and is out working in the real world! So congratulations to those people!

The sunset and sun rises have been beautiful, oranges, pinks and purples! And the yellow sweet peas are blooming on many hillsides. I got a call that the shooting stars are just starting to bloom! Such a sweet smell! Be safe, wash, social distancing, yada, yada, yada!


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