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By Mark Foss
PCN Staff 

Madness Takes Over the Lucky Bullet with a Record Night


March 23, 2022

Auctioneer Darrell Carney coaxes more out of the bidders during the March Madness Calcutta at the Lucky Bullet. Photo by Mark Foss.

March Madness took over the Lucky Bullet on Tuesday, March 15, as local basketball fans gathered to bid on teams for a good cause.

The March Madness Calcutta that is held every year as a fundraiser for the Health-Care Foundation of Phillips County was held with 18 bidders raising paddles for themselves and their businesses to get the teams that they thought would win it all.

The madness part of the night came from auctioneer Darrell Carney. He kept the night lively and moving along, always pushing and trying to get a higher bid for the foundation. He also had fun with some of the team names. For example, when auctioning off Iowa, he made the joke about everyone walking into the bank the next day saying "I-ow-a lot of money". There was Colgate and the toothpaste reference and the Chattanooga choo-choo. There are also a few that we can't print in the newspaper. But those of you that know Darrell will understand. We'll just move along as fast as we can over Longwood, right Darrell?

Representing the Health-Care Foundation and keeping track of the bids and who won them were Sue Olsen-Director, Becky Green-Treasurer, Janice Reichelt-Secretary, and Nellie Ereaux-Vice Chairman.

"This is always a really good fundraiser for us," said Janice Reichelt.

All of the ladies agreed it's much easier to put together than a bake sale.

"And a lot less time in the kitchen with the oven going," said Sue Olsen.

President of the board for the foundation, Craig French, was also in attendance doing PR. Mingling with the crowd and making sure everyone was having a good time.

The record total for the auction this year was $19,130 of which 10 percent, or $1,913, goes to the foundation, and the rest is paid out to the bidders. They also auction off each region of the tournament and that total came to $725 with 25 percent going to the foundation, or $181.25, for a total of $2,094.25 going to the Health-Care Foundation.

When it came time to pay for their teams won, Independence Bank informed the foundation that it was going to match the $1,913, making the grand total for the Health-Care Foundation $4,007.25.

"The generosity of the businesses and individuals in this community never cease to amaze me," said French. "We are so well supported by everyone."

Members of the Health-Care Foundation do their best to keep up with Darrell Carney as he takes bids on the teams for the March Madness Calcutta last Tuesday. L to R Janice Reichelt, Secretary; Sue Olsen, Director; Becky Green, Treasurer; and Nellie Ereaux, Vice Chairman. Photo by Mark Foss.

The team that took the highest bid for the night was the number one seed overall, Gonzaga, with $1,850. The second highest was Kentucky, with a bid of $1,800. That one didn't pan out so well. Kentucky lost in the first round to the team that went for the lowest bid of $10, St. Peters. And not only did they beat Kentucky, but they also won in the second round against Murray St. which went for $55. This next week they are up against a Purdue team that went for $600.

In all, a total of 6 teams went for $1,000 or over. Of those, only three are left in the Sweet 16, equaling the same number of teams that are left that went for $70 or less. Those are St. Peters ($10), Iowa State ($70), and Miami ($70). Iowa St. and Miami play each other in the next round.

That is why it's called March Madness. Every game is win or go home. Some teams show up, and some don't. There are always one or two Cinderella teams, always a few upsets.

The only guarantee is that the Phillips County community always shows up with a win for the Health-Care Foundation.


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