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Saco Public School Science Fair Local and State

The local science fair was held in Saco on March 7th in the library.

The judges were Donni Linn, Russell Menge, Jim Sunford, Darrell Gairrett, Howard Pippin, Vivian Taylor, Mary Berg, Jan Marshall, and Doris Tollefson.

Grades 2-8 participated and the results were:

2nd & 3rd Grade

1st: Ivan Taylor (2nd)

2nd: Amari Miller (3rd)

3rd: Kadin Salveson (2nd)

Honorable Mentions: Landry Bowman (3rd) and Whit Ozark (2nd)

4th - 6th Grade

1st: Royce Strobbe (6th)

2nd: Chase Albus (6th)

3rd: Tyler Sunford (4th)

Honorable Mentions: Ainsley Erickson (5th) and Trey Downing (4th)

7th & 8th Grade

1st: Emerson D...


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