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Phillips County Museum News for Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Does anyone recognize the term “Slow Elk”? I’ve been reading old Walt Coburn tales and ran across a remark about Slow Elk. It refers to the practice of never butchering your own beef. In what was a questionable practice- many a ranch had a herd of cattle but when it came time for supper you were generally eating one of the large cow outfits beef. The practice involved butchering the beef, cutting the brand out of the hide, whacking off the telltale earmarks, cutting up the hide and sinking it deep in the muddy waters of a river. What was accepted as general practice then would land you in a jail cell today!! My advice if you are eating somewhere and they mention Slow Elk it might be time to vacate the premises! Museum hours are 10-5 Monday through Saturday.


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