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NC, Dodson Teams Face Nashua

The Dodson and North Country Basketball teams each faced one team this past week, their Nashua counterpart.

The Lady Mavericks and Dodson Coyotes each defeated their opponents, while the Mavericks and Lady Coyotes came close but fell short.

The Lady Mavericks posted a dominant 61-21 win on Friday, January 27, in Nashua.

Paige Wasson had 18 points, Teagan Erickson had 12 points, Kora LaBrie had 11 points, Mattea McColly had seven points, Kendall Scheffelmear had six points, Shelbi LaBrie had five points, and Sammie Wisher had two points.

The Lady Mavs did not give up more than eight points in a...


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