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By Kari Hould
PCN Staff 

We're In This Together As a Team


March 15, 2023

Recently, Mayor John Demarais met with Mike Muñoz, City Compliance Officer, and individuals within the community to address the City appearance and a general clean-up.

“We’re gunna start cleaning up the town,” said Mayor Demarais.

The effort will be “team” driven, as the City wants to work hand-in-hand with the residents to make the City cleaner, more appealing and in turn, healthier. The decay of building, sheds, fences and other breeding grounds and nesting grounds are on the list.

“Are we Mayberry? No…but our town was clean and neat,” stated Demarais.

It was the consensus that the drought over the past few years has played a factor into the picture. It has added to the overgrowth of weeds and people have limited their watering of lawns according.

It was also the consensus that the town is capable of getting back to where it is appealing to our neighbor and those passing through.

Employees of the City are now cross-trained and soon the sweeper will start up and when it rolls out and begins work, it will go all day. When one employee needs to take a lunch break, another worker will keep the machine going for that time. The cooperation of the residents in moving the parked vehicles will be greatly appreciated. It will be posted on social media what the plan and schedule for the upcoming days will be to allow clearing the streets. It will also be provided to the radio station so people know when the sweeper will be on certain streets.

One of the first tasks everyone needs to help with is clearing off the streets for the sweeper. In doing that, the dead and non-running vehicles will need to be addressed. To be parked on the street, a vehicle must have a current license plate. Vehicles are only allowed to be left 10 days on the street without being moved.

There are vehicles that have long been abandoned by some terminology, yet sit on the street with trees, roots and weeds growing through it or encompassing it.

Campers and trailers must also be current on registration, and again, cannot be parked more than 10 days without being moved. If you’re one of the individuals that has a camper, trailer or vehicle that is not used on a continuous manner, it is advised to check with friends and neighbors and see if they have a lot outside the city limits to park the vehicle/camper.

The City now has equipment to assist with the loading of vehicles to remove them and the City will make efforts to work with you, just call the City office. The City cannot take used oil, refrigerators, batteries or freezers.

The “good neighbor” policy and self-pride are factors for shaping the town up and restoring it to an appealing state.

“I can’t stress enough, we are going to work with the people,” stated Mayor Demarais.

Currently the pressing agenda is the snow removal. The City crew has been working to keep the streets for medical and emergency services open first, and then bus routes. It is a given that this winter has been both harsh and hard on equipment as well as those out working in it.

As the plows come around to residential areas, it works best when, again, there are no abandoned vehicles sitting in the path of the plows. Cooperation, timing and common sense all factor into the snow removal.

Mike Munoz said, “We (the City Attorney’s office and Compliance office) are working together with Glasgow’s office on tightening up some ordinances.”

In prior years groups and individuals have organized spring cleanup events. The community is urged to hop on the bandwagon and spearhead one this year. Groups are also urged to help elderly neighbors with their lawns. The working hands can “Adopt-a-grandparent” and alleviate the pressure of those who live out of town and know their loved one is in need of assistance. Call the City office at 406-654-1251 if you or your group would like to volunteer in some capacity.

The community is always urged to contact one of the several salvage outfits to have them remove vehicles.

The group discussed the recent vandalism. The County Juvenile Detention Office will be assigning youth hours of community service, including the four youth caught on camera destroying property at the Dinosaur Museum and dumping City garbage containers into the river.

The group wrapped up the meeting sharing common thoughts ~ we need to work as a team, to create a plan of action that will inspire ownership of this. It is your property.

The issues that are involved require several elements to make it all go smoothly …communication and unity. The group has confidence that a majority of the town would like to see improvements, let’s make it happen!

Residents are encouraged to bring their ideas to the City Council at their meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Mike Muñoz can be reached by calling him on his cell phone: 406-344-3426; he is ready to answer any questions you might have and offer assistance that is available.


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