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Malta Golf 2023

Malta Welcomes Back Several State Performers

The Malta Golf Team is chock full of talent with a total of 21 athletes this season, which also includes six seniors.

The senior class includes Kaden Bishop, Eli Hanson, Camryn Mears, Addy Anderson, Kennedy Koss, and Madison Williamson. The junior class consists of Elly Anderson and Sydney Gibbs. Sophomores are Kyann Bergos, Kellen Murray, Jason Negus, Braydon Rhoads, and Brittney Sorlie. The freshman class includes Kylie Bishop, Nikki Fast Horse-Johannesen, Shaylee Hines, Layla Messerly, Trooper Stiles, and Emree Stuart.

Last year, Malta sent a girls team and boys team to compete at the 2022...


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