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Malta Golf Teams start the Regular Season in Shelby

The Malta Mustang and M-ette golf teams saw their first action of the year, as the team participated in the Shelby Invitational on Tuesday, April 18.

The boys were led by senior Kayden Bishop who had 92 strokes over the 18-hole course. Hunter Stolem had 111 strokes, Camryn Mears had 119, and Eli Hanson had 120.

Trooper Stiles had 124 strokes and Braydon Rhoads had 129 for the JV team.

The girls were led by Sydney Gibbs who had 104 strokes. Second for Malta was Brittney Sorlie who had 108 strokes. Kyann Bergos had 112 strokes, and Kylie Bishop had 113 strokes. Kennedy Koss had 116 strokes, Layl...


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