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Loring News for Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The weather was perfect this week. Moderate temperatures, and a couple of evening showers, but the wind was vicious for a few days. Harvest is well underway! I think the amount of grain is up there! The farmers deserve a good year!

My sister Dee Arndt from Kalispell drove across the mountains to help me out sorting and throwing everything from the farmhouse. We got a lot done and took several loads to town and MOI. No clothes but lots of glassware. Cindy Clark and Carol Lumsden stopped in on Wednesday afternoon to give us a reprieve.

Cindy Clark, Carol Lumsden, and Lu Besel took in the play White Christmas in Fort Peck on Sunday. I didn’t get to go because I still don’t feel all that well. They said it was a great performance!

The Clark girls have moved back home from Fort Peck where they were involved in the theater for the summer. The last two weeks they were attending theater camp and Ryan decided to join them. Their performance on Thursday was fantastic. It’s always so exciting to see how a team of mentors can get a group of campers to give a stellar experience!

I’ve enjoyed watching the goldfinches on my sunflower heads. I like the goldfinches better than the blackbirds that come in. But I guess all birds need to eat!

I was so surprised about the comments I got from my article about the Stubblefield farm!

Palmer Scott called from Hamilton, I think. He told me he worked for Grandpa during harvest one year. His family lived next door to the Stubblefields in Loring during the school year.

Lorraine Hellie also commented that she likes to read the history of this area. Thank you for the encouragement!


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