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North Country News for Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Pat Murdock and Therese drove to Saco last Sunday to take in the last kid’s rodeo of the season. Grey and Trax Simanton, Blake Ozark, Royce Strobbe, Rowdy Beil, and many more participated in. All the results will be posted this week by Lexie Haynes who puts in many hours toward this event for the kids. Thank You, Lexie.

Scott and Pat Anderson have a new grandson named Waylon. Born August 17 in Spokane to Sam and Mari-Beth Funk. He has an older brother, Wyatt, who is two.

Kora LaBrie, daughter of Kris and Tricia is off to college in Miles City MT

Keenan LaBrie, Kris and Tricia’s son,...


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