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  • SOS Meets, Hoping to Help Youth

    Janice Reichelt, Local Advisory Council|Dec 7, 2022

    Kelly Cederberg and Kate Webb, Guidance Counselors at Malta Public Schools teamed up with therapist Morgan Streeter and Local Advisory Counselor (LAC) Chairman Janice Reichelt, to host an educational night at the Malta auditorium on Tuesday, November 29th. The issue was youth suicide. The goal was to increase information about recognizing the symptoms and then encouraging action to address negative factors that overwhelm a person's positive factors and predispose the person to making the decisio...

  • Grant Received by Phillips County for "Bee"havioral Health

    Janice Reichelt, PCN Correspondent|Aug 19, 2020

    A County Grant in the amount of $40,000.00 was received from the Department of Health and Human Services for the Local Advisory Council (LAC) for Behavioral health. This Grant money is to be spent over the next year. LAC Chairman, Janice Reichelt, is serving as the coordinator of the funds and Terri Skiff, LAC Treasurer is assisting with the fiscal duties. This grant would not have been attained without the cooperation of the County Commissioners, the Phillips County Health Department, and Lynell LaBrie, Courthouse Clerk. The project has been...

  • Mother-daughter duo teams to help address behavioral needs in PC

    Janice Reichelt, PCN Correspondent|Feb 5, 2020

    Jen Durward, PMHNP, and her mother Debby Knudson, LAC have teamed up with Phillips County Hospital to help Phillips County address their behavioral health care needs. Durward has provided services at the P.C. Clinic for a number of years by utilizing technology through tele-med to talk with patients, as well as monitor and adjust their psychiatric medications. She often refers to her mother, a Licensed Addiction Counselor to assist with the therapy aspect of the care. Knudson plans to serve...

  • Recognizing those who work to support positive mental health in Phillips County; The past, present, and the future

    Janice Reichelt, PCN Correspondent|Dec 25, 2019

    Our nation decries the lack of mental health services yet, often doesn't give credit to the persons contributing on a regular basis to the cause. This is a small tribute in honor of their service and dedication to mental health in Phillips County over the past years. Some are retired, some have passed way, others have relocated, and some continue to serve in other roles. We appreciate them all. The late Ned Mangis sponsored an educational piece in the Phillips County News - the "Counseling...

  • 'Life is a brilliant thing!'

    Janice Reichelt, L.A.C. Chair|Jul 17, 2019

    This is what I wish that I had thought of saying when I was the MC for the Suicide Prevention Play last week, but sometimes we don’t think of things in time! It would have been a good ending to the play that focused on evoking thoughts of everything from falling in love to the smell of rain. Ryan, the actor, in the one-man show pulled it off and subtlety enlightened the public on the issue of suicide. He acted out the usual communication sequence that could happen when a child is involved with suicide and the fact that the child often has m...

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