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  • Shoot out at the Saco range

    Mark Hebert, Editor|Jun 1, 2016

    A few weeks ago I received a letter from Steve Gouse informing me the Saco Shootist Society’s Cowboy Shootout was to be held at the Saco Range the morning of Saco School’s graduation. I figured I could knockdown two birds with one stone, er shot, so I headed out to the range bright and shiny two Saturday’s ago. Since I wasn’t exactly sure where the Saco Range was, I headed to Pay N save to ask around. I lucked out and ran into Heidi Pippin as she shopped for groceries. I asked her where the range was and she pointed south, toward the town du...

  • Hey, Haole, you speak da kine or what?

    Mark Hebert, Editor|Dec 2, 2015

    In most instances, language isn’t sport. Growing up in Hawaii, as a white kid, trying to understand some of my peer’s dialect was more challenging than any sport I have ever participated in…at least for the first couple of years. A recent article on claims “Pidgin English now an Official Language of Hawaii,” but if the “locals” are anything like they were in the 1980’s, they are scoffing at that claim and surely insist that the broken-English vernacular has been, and always will be, the official language of the Islands. It shouldn’t be...

  • If only the State of Montana would allow me to win millions each day

    Mark Hebert, Editor|Oct 21, 2015

    I’d like to discuss one of my pet peeves today. This column will not include the bugbears that are horror movies, circuses or long-winded speakers (but someday it might.) No, the pet peeve I want to talk about is when I am told I can’t do something but given no reason why. If you have watched a single stitch of any sports broadcast in the last six months then you have seen advertisements for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) websites such as FanDuel and DraftKings. Going 10-minutes during any televised sporting event without seeing one of these com...

  • NFL is ridiculously pass-happy and fantasy football is to blame

    Mark Hebert, Editor|Oct 14, 2015

    Anymore, you can’t mention the NFL without thinking about fantasy football. I’ve talked about fantasy football before (and as of today, my record is 3-1 and tied for first, hooray me) and what I think it adds to the game, but this week, I am going to talk about how the craze has changed NFL records and leads to inflated statistics. On October 12, 1992, Washington Redskins wide receiver Art Monk became the all-time NFL reception leader with his 820th catch. Monk would go on to haul in 940 catches in his 224 career games (an average of just ove...

  • First Jerky Bowl doesn't go my way, and why would it?

    Mark Hebert, Sports Editor|Oct 7, 2015

    Good morning sport fans, its your community newspaper publisher here. The Op/Ed page of the PCN is getting a little cramped with Pierre’s Play Ball, Parker’s outdoor column and Brandon’s Power: Elaborate thinking, so I have pushed myself to the back pages to write a weekly column on the topic I know best (or better than others) …sports! It has been nearly 10 years since I have penned a sports column so stick with me while I shake the rust off of the keyboard and clear the cobwebs out of the old noodle. This week in the sporting world, my Oakl...

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