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By Pierre Bibbs
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Garfield scores team lead 34; Malta shows quality at Glendive


Yvonne Garfield

Shay Garfield has been phenomenal this year. She led Malta in scoring with 34 points at the Glendive Meet. This photo is from a previous meet.

The Malta Swim Team only brought five swimmers to the Glendive meet last weekend and even without help from state champion swimmer Darrow Messerly, the team fared well, with all five qualifying for the top 12 for the final rounds.

"I think we're right on track as to be where we want to be, but at this time we have a few injuries we are trying to nurse," Coach Donnie Lynn told the PCN.

Due to shoulder injuries, sickness and a long trip to Glendive, Malta was down but not out.

The team was led by Shay Garfield, who scored a team high 34 points. She took first place in the Women 13-14 100 meter breaststroke with a time of 1:35.53.

Garfield finished third in both the 100 meter freestyle (1:18.50) and backstroke (1:33.54).

Collin Holman had a great meet as well, racking up 30 points at the meet. He took first in the Men 15-19 100 backstroke.

Holman finished fourth in the 50 fly (34.61) and sixth in the 50 freestyle (29.89),

Carly Garfield swam in the Women 11-12 100 freestyle and placed second, with a time of 1:24.10. She finish fourth in the 50 freestyle (36.84) and 50 backstroke (45.02).

Erika Nagy also swam in the Women 11-12 bracket and brought Malta 16 points. She finished seventh in he 100 freestyle (1:34.19) and 50 backstroke (48.49). She also finished ninth in the 50 freestyle (42.63).

"Erika Nagy had probably one of the best meets I've ever seen her have," Coach Lynn said. "She swam very well Saturday and Sunday."

Kylie Hunter brought Malta 13 points after sixth in the Women 11-12 100 freestyle (1:37.42) and 50 fly (59.80). She also placed tenth in 50 backstroke (55.51).

"We only took five swimmers but all five are quality swimmers," Coach Donnie Lynn told the PCN. "They all qualified for the finals in all of their races."

It's no wonder Malta has had quality swimmers over the last decade. Though swimming is fun, Coach Lynn does exactly what is needed to draw out the team's potential near the end of the swim season.

"We've been working hard in practice and we expect a pretty good showing in Lewistown," Coach Lynn said.

He continued to say Lewistown is one of the team's favorite venues because of the pool park and organization.

Lewistown is also a little closer than Glendive was and with a healthy team Malta hopes to make quite the splash this weekend, a key weekend since divisionals in Chinook is the week after.

Coach Lynn believes the meet will feature at least 20 swimmers on the Malta Swim team.

"We're making a big push towards divisionals. So we're getting a little tougher on the kids each day to get them prepared," Lynn told the PCN.

Coach Lynn said that he expects all swimmers to be present at the meet, since the swimmers only needed to be present at two meets this year to qualify.

Last year 26 of 33 swimmers present at divisionals qualified for state.

This year's state meet will be in Conrad on the first weekend of August.

"Coach Amestoy and I have a goal to get everyone qualified in at least one event for state," Coach Lynn told the PCN. "So we're really trying to pick the events the kids are best at and work them hard to qualify."

The fact that they have most of their swimmers in the older part of their age bracket will help Malta, however the fact that the team has had poor attendance at meets may haunt them.

The return of Darrow Messerly will be good for the team. Messerly has finished first in nearly all races in the 9-10 men's division and will look to add more hardware to his case in divisionals and state competitions.

The emergence of older swimmers like S. Garfield and Holman will also help Malta as they go against bigger teams like Glasgow and Sidney.

Glendive Swim Meet Results

Time F/P/S Event Place Points Improv

Carly Garfield (11) W

36.84S F # 26 Women 11 12 50 Free 4 9 1.51

1:24.10S F # 46 Women 11 12 100 Free 2 12 0.73 45.02S F # 56 Women 11 12 50 Back 4 9 0.34

Shayen Garfield (14) W

1:35.53S F # 38 Women 13 14 100 Breast 1 14 3.55

1:18.50S F # 48 Women 13 14 100 Free 3 10 1.40

1:33.54S F # 58 Women 13 14 100 Back 3 10 5.21

Collin Holman (17) M

29.89S F # 29 Men 15 19 50 Free 6 7 2.55

1:18.40S F # 59 Men 15 19 100 Back 1 14 3.16

34.61S F # 69 Men 15 19 50 Fly 4 9 2.32

Kylie Hunter (11) W

1:37.42S F # 46 Women 11 12 100 Free 6 7 3.11

55.51S F # 56 Women 11 12 50 Back 10 3 0.89

59.80S F # 66 Women 11 12 50 Fly 6 7 5.15

Erika Nagy (12) W

42.63S F # 26 Women 11 12 50 Free 9 4 1.43

1:34.19S F # 46 Women 11 12 100 Free 7 6 5.06

48.49S F # 56 Women 11 12 50 Back 7 6 3.49


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