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Yesterday's Phillips County News Memories for August 15, 2018


August 15, 2018

Duane Walker, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Walker, second from the right, tied for fourth place in the intermediate division (14-15 years old) high jump of the 1968 AAU Junior Olympics held in Knoxville, Tenn. A total of 690 boys and girls competed at the games. Shown above are Larry Salinis of New Jersey, Mike Baird of Indianapolis, Duane Walker, and Greg Swalwell of Kansas. 1968.

100 years ago

August 21, 1918

Fred Benzinger was instantly killed by lightning when he was struck while sitting in his home near Cardwell.


Dudley Jones reported having harvested 180 acres of wheat which yielded 20 bushels per acre.


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whitcomb are now the parents of a fine new baby boy.


Mrs. A. S. Hanscom was among local Eastern Stars who were attending the state meeting in Billings.


Agent C.E. Magner of the Great Northern had received word that good straw could be obtained from eastern North Dakota free of charge in stack. The only cost would be for bailing and freight.

75 years ago

August 19, 1943

Farmers assured some shells

The War Production Board reported last week they are ready to allocate enough materials for the manufacture of 100,000,000 shotgun shells for hunting this fall - one-sixth of the output in peacetime years.

WPB authorities some time ago said there would be "some ammunition" for hunting but emphasized at that time it would be held to a minimum. Later, it was said in some quarters, a hunter would have to show that he was eliminating pests - and thus giving the farmer a break - before he could get shells.

The shells will be delivered through regular channels with farmers given first preference.

Lawrence Miller Japanese prisoner of war

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Miller this week received the first word from their nephew, Lawrence T. Miller, in 18 months and learned that he is a prisoner of war of the Japanese army in a Philippine camp.

Miller enlisted in the U.S. Army a year before Pearl Harbor and was stationed in the Philippines at that time. Since February 1942, no word has been received from him or from army officials and relatives here had given him up as dead.

The card merely contains his signature and the printed message that he is in good health and uninjured. Miller attended the Malta Schools and is well known locally.

Victory V Cucumber

The vegetables in Mary Lou Daellenbach's victory garden are going patriotic. She picked a cucumber this week, or rather two cucumbers, which had grown together to form a perfect V for victory.

50 years ago

August 15, 1968

Much maintenance work done at local schools

Jim Nordlund, Malta Superintendent of School, reported last week that much maintenance work has been done this summer at both the high school and grade school and said the summer work has been completed by the regular custodial staff composed of Delmar Demarais, Bill Black, and Jesse Jones, as well as college boys Darvin Nessland, Shorty Seel, and Roy Ereaux. David Daellenbach and Jim Salveson also helped at the school during the summer.

Nordlund listed the following work as having been completed: the interior of the band building has been completely painted. This included five practice rooms, the office, two restrooms, library storage room and main practice room.

Good crops in the county this year

Harvest of spring wheat in northern Phillips County got underway this week and most farmers are reporting above-average yields. Most of the winter wheat in the county has now been harvested and yields were reported at from 20-30 bushels per acre with some fields in certain areas yielding more than this. Rainfall this summer was rather spotty and those areas getting more showers generally reported more showers generally report better yields. Most winter wheat it weighing from 60 to 63 pounds.

25 years ago

August 18, 1993

City-wide curfew just a few weeks away

A county-wide curfew of 10:30 p.m. (12:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday) for persons under 18 could be in place in Phillips County in a few weeks.

Members of C.O.R.E., a group which works against drug and alcohol substance abuse in the county, met with county commissioners to iron out the proposal.

The next step is for the county attorney to prepare a draft of the ordinance which will be sent to city councils in Malta, Saco and Dodson.

Rattlesnake killed on Fourth Street in front yard

A 30-inch long rattlesnake was killed last Tuesday night in Malta by the front steps of Karl Harms' residence on Fourth Street East.

Residents are urged to keep an eye out for critters, regardless of whether or not you live on the edge of town.

10 years ago

August 13, 2008

New all-day kindergarten will greet Malta students

Students in the Malta School District will return to the classroom next Wednesday and all kindergarten students entering school for the first time will be attending the new, all-day kindergarten at Malta Elementary.

Superintendent Kris Kuehn said the number of students won't be known until the opening day of school, but enrollment in kindergarten reflects a general downward trend prevalent throughout rural and eastern Montana school districts. According to MES Principal Tad Schye, 31 kindergarten students have been registered compared to 45 last year.

Editor's Note: At the August 8, 2018, Malta School Board Meeting held last week, kindergarten enrollment thus far for the 2018-19 school year sits at 26 children.


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