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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Reminds me of my childhood


It’s interesting being a parent at times. I enjoy watching my boys play together.

Now that Lincoln is starting to get around by crawling or assisted walking we get to see the boys interact more and more; it has been somewhere between perfect harmony and a 4-H pig show.

On one hand, you have PJ, my four-year-old, who hasn’t had to share with anyone until recently, and on the other hand, you have Lincoln, my 11-month-old, who just wants to play with all of the same toys as his big brother.

PJ sits nice and calm and collected, while Lincoln is all over the place. Lincoln doesn’t care who or what he crawls over as long as he gets to his target.

PJ has learned that if he doesn’t want Lincoln crawling all over him, he simply barricades himself in the corner of the room. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. If Lincoln has had enough of PJ pinching his cheeks or bothering him, he shakes his head “no,” or cries.

PJ has been great sharing his toys considering his age, learning that his favorite toys need to be kept out of Lincoln’s reach. Despite PJ’s efforts, we have learned early that Lincoln is relentless.

No matter how many times we tell him not to do something, Lincoln keeps going for it. I have a feeling this will be a trend in Lincoln’s future. Then again I was skinny until third grade.

PJ tends to follow the rules, for the most part. But when it comes to something he loves, he can be just as hard-headed.

My boys get along well and you can tell that even at such a young age, they love each other.

PJ has been sick for a little more than a week and Lincoln timed his nap to where he woke up while big brother was sleeping. I am completely unsure if Lincoln did that on purpose, but he suddenly found himself all alone with a few of his big brother’s toys.

I wish that I could describe the joy on Lincoln’s face as he had his pick of the litter. The toy that he gravitated to the most was a Black Panther action figure. He really got a kick out of the voices coming out of the toy.

PJ later woke up and let Lincoln continue to play with some of his toys. That moment made me proud as a parent. I will admit that it was Susan that taught the boys how to share because I don’t share with anyone. Well… except maybe Susan; strong emphasis on MAYBE.


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