Loring News for March 27, 2019


March 27, 2019

I spotted a Robin on Saturday! So won't be long now til the rest of the migrants show up! Most of the snow has melted this past week, the creeks are running! The calves are playing in the calving yard, and the air has a certain crispness to it!

Jeannie Schroeder and Saige and Zoey Stordahl came up to visit this weekend. I was excited to see them!

Carol and Pete Lumsden drove to Billings on Thursday for appointments. Carmen and Whitney drove down on Saturday to visit Jonnae and let the cousins get together! Carol came home with them on Sunday!

Cindy and Dave Clark spent a couple of days in Great Falls visiting with Becca and Robert Engum and perusing the art show!

A week of high temperatures approximately 45-50 degrees and now on Sunday afternoon, Mother Nature is throwing huge snowflakes at us! The ground is covered in white after only two hours!

If you have a few minutes in Malta, Glenn Compton is staying at the Hi-Line Retirement Center and would like a visit!

Condolences to the families who lost a member this past week, Jim Curtis, Roy Waters, Terry Stiles, Malcolm Clouse.

Have a great last week of March! I hope you got to see the last super moon which was awesome with the clear skies this past week! Check out the stars and planets when you have a chance!

I haven't had a shout out for a while and I'd like to say thanks for reading my column to Donna Dyrdahl, Carol Keienenberger, Laurie Rustad and Ted and Norma Kelly!


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