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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Peezy in Montana Part 2


April 24, 2019

It seems like I just got here.

June 22 will mark the seven year anniversary of my feet touching Montanan soil. My first meal in Montana was at a gas station, Blue’s BBQ to be precise. It’s ironic that barbeque was the first thing I ate here because smoking meat has been a huge part of my life here in Malta.

A few years ago I picked up my first grill; I have had a lot of firsts here. I became a husband here. I became a home-owner here. I became a father here. My wife and I experienced our first true heartbreak as we lost baby number two, and later we experienced the joys of having our second son Lincoln a little more than a year ago.

It was here I learned how to roast coffee through an Ethiopian coffee ceremony thanks to our beautiful sister-in-law from Ethiopia. A few years later I would pick up home coffee roasting, which has been another tasty experiment.

I could never forget how welcoming everyone has been here. I definitely stick out in a crowd around here but I have never felt that anyone here has hated me because of my skin color. It would be funny when another chocolate colored person would come to town, because it was assumed that person was a relative of mine.

I didn’t know what to expect when I hit town here after that first three-hour drive, but I have met some of the most genuine, hard working, and honest people here that I will ever meet.

I could never forget the Albertson’s staff for allowing me to join their crew, despite never formally meeting me. I know my stint there wasn’t long, but I appreciate that job for many reasons. It was a grind as far as the work went; it definitely kept me in shape. From a social aspect it gave me a chance to meet many people in the community.

Working for the PCN has been great as well. I appreciate the community for allowing myself and my family to be a part of the proud history of this county. There have been many typos, mistakes, misplacements, misspellings, and learning curves but I love this job and wish I could take it with me.

I love being known as the picture guy by many of the youth in the area. I am just glad that I haven’t freaked out many kids by how I look. There has only been one awkward incident pertaining to my skin color, but it was pretty humorous.

I was at a garage sale when a little girl asked, “Mom what is that black guy doing in our garage?” Luckily, it was a teachable moment and the mom handled it really well.

I am thankful for my experiences here. As for now we are not leaving town. We have a house to sell first; we may be here for a while, but we love it here (especially in the spring) so, it’s all gravy.


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