By Mark Hebert

Phillips County 4-H groups team to raise $800 hosting carnival


Mark Hebert

Jens Anderson tries his hand at the ring toss during the 4-H Carnival in Malta last Saturday.

Each of the eight Phillips County 4-H Clubs combined forces last Saturday afternoon during the First State Bank of Malta Car Show to host their annual carnival which has been on hiatus the past five or so years.

The Stockman Terrace was the site of the event and anyone who got within earshot of the carnival likely heard the shouts of children partaking in some of the many games on hand, including the ever-popular cake walks.

Scarlet Marino, age five, was fresh off playing the duck-game where she won herself a prize which she was pretty happy with.

"I got a sticker and I get to make my very own elephant, the ducks are the best," Marino said, her face painted like a unicorn which she acquired at another 4-H booth. "Unicorns are my favorites animals, too."

Tickets were 25¢ and games cost from one to three tickets. All told, the 4-H Carnival earned $800 which will all go to the Phillips County 4-H Council.

While Marino left to play more games, Trent Blunt, age 7, stepped up to the mic to tell the PCN about his day.

"I've played like 16 games," Trent said. (Trent's mother, Teri, said Trent had played about $15 worth of games.)

Trent's interview was fresh on the heels of his appearance at the basketball booth were he made three of four shots.

"I won a cake, too," Trent said, victorious at the cake walk.

Trent said that he would certainly come back to next year's 4-H Carnival.

"I've seen some cool stuff," he said.

Phillips County 4-H boasts 170 4-H members which are the Big Sky Builders, Cross Country, Malta Steak, Milk River Beef Builders, Rocky Road, Rough Riders, the Clover Buds (for smaller children) and Phillips County Shooting Sports.


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