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By Mark Hebert

Malta Public Schools head into the 2019-20 school year


August 21, 2019

The final Malta Public School Board meeting of the Summer of 2019 was held last Wednesday in Malta and items discussed included the 2019-20 budget and enrollment at the elementary, middle, and high schools.

Malta Public Schools Superintendent Kris Kuehn explained that the total adopted budget for the 2020 Malta Schools stands at $6,478,025.08 ($6,429,454.25 in 2019); Total reservers are $723,063.50 ($716,908.25 in 2019); Unreserved fund balance reapportioned totals $1,015,025.25 ($1,007,979.78 in 2019); Other revenue totals $3,360,479.94 ($3,618,093.28 in 2019); District property tax requirements are $1,832,519.89 as opposed to $1,803,381.19 in 2019, and District Mill Levies are $240.43 after a total of $237.63 last school year.

The Adopted Budget for 2019-2020, totaling $6,478,025.08 breaks down as: General $4,211,543.78; Transportation $675,000.00; Bus Depreciations $310,311.90; Tuition: $101,965.05; Retirement $575,000.00; Adult Education $25,000.00; Technology $$85,133.77; Flexibility $159,351.49; and Building Reserve $334,719.09.

During the principal reports, MES Principal Cadance Wipplinger, MMS Principal Shawn Bleth, and news MHS Principal Tracy Fisher each talked about the attendance at their schools which start on Wednesday, August 21, two days after the school’s teachers headed back to work.

At the elementary school, at the time of the meeting, Principal Wipplinger reported that enrollmet stands at a total of 220 with 45 students in kindergarten, 29 in first grade, 39 in second, 40 in third, 34 in fourth, and 33 in fifth grade. Upcoming dates of importance for Malta Elementary include Picture Day on Thursday, August 29, and hearing tests on September 23.

At Malta Middle School, Principal Bleth reported the total enrollment at 115 with 41 students in grade six; 45 in grade seven, and 29 in the eighth grade.

“That eight grade class is smaller than normal and tied for the smallest class in the district (with the first grade,)” Principal Bleth said. “And our seventh-grade class is tied for the biggest in the district.”

Principal Fisher reported the total attendance at the high school clocks in at 133 and includes three exchange students. This year’s freshman class is the largest at the high school with a total of 40 students; the sophomore class is comprised of 39 students; the juniors have 29 students in their ranks, and the senior class has 35.

The middle school and high school will be hosting their open houses on Tuesday, August 27 starting at 6:15 p.m.


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