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By Helen Austin
PCN Correspondent 

Whitewater News and Opinion for October 26, 2019


October 23, 2019

10-16. Beware of scams! I recently received a questionnaire — which resembled a U.S. Census form — requesting donations to reelect President Trump. I did not reply of course, and it was lucky I did not reply. The document was supposed to be from the U.S. Congress but was a copy made by scammers. I know this is true because I heard on a Montana TV station that this scam is going around through the mail. The TV announcer also mentioned that if you get these letters, you may contact the County Commissioner Richard Dunbar. If forms are a legitimate census, they will not ask for donations. Beware!

Sympathy to all affected recently by snow.

Get well to Judy Simonson on her ranch accident.

The Cross Country 4-H club met last Sunday at Whitewater Lutheran Church. They had baked cookies and gave me a plate. They were delicious. Thank you so much. Support our local 4-H groups.

A late congratulations to all athletes involved in various sports at Whitewater High School and their coaches.

News flash: I bought a car! Now I’m going to hire a driver. Anyone interested. Mostly I will go from Whitewater and back once or twice per week. Call 674-5576.

Upcoming Whitewater events include a Flu Shot Clinic at Whitewater School on October 28 from 1 to 2 p.m.

Thanks to all who gave me food and or veggies. Special thanks to Patty and Steve Young for the books, including a set of great encyclopedias. If I read all of them, I will really be smart!

Read a book!

10-26. It is sad that someone put a bomb in a school in Montana. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

It was a beautiful day here in Whitewater for October, but the air was crisp like autumn.

Reminder: Turn your clocks back one hour on November 3. I wish we would leave the time alone one way or another, all year round, don’t you?

A late congratulations to Whitewater Elementary School students on their work with the recent rock project featured in the Phillips County News. The painted rocks were returned to our school. Mrs. Hanley oversaw the project.

Also, congratulations to all the volleyball players including Cora LaBrie of Whitewater.

The Big Flat Electric Coop dinner was delicious. The meal was followed by a business meeting on Saturday. Many from Whitewater were in attendance, including me. Prize winners from Whitewater were the Simonsons, Andersons, Olsons, and the Whitewater Catholic Church. Congratulations.

Tia Wasson of Loring sang the National Anthem and she has a beautiful voice. Tia also gave a report on a recent trip to the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., which was sponsored by Big Flat Electric.

The Milk River Gospel Jamboree fundraiser was Sun-day. The music was beautiful, and the musicians included the Hills, Jason, and Hoyt Hellie, all of Whitewater. The Kelly family, comprised of the parents and seven children, were awesome! I think the highlight of the concert for me was Ken Overcast of Chinook. Ken has been a country and gospel singer for many years. Great music.

Irene Wendalyn (formerly of Whitewater) attended the event with me. She really enjoyed it and Ken is her neighbor in Chinook.

Ashley Green and children; Rory and Sommer, went to her dad’s birthday party in Spearfish, S.D. They had a great time. Mrs. Wasson worked at the Whitewater Post Office in Ashley’s absence.

Remember, it’s almost time to “fall back” and not “spring forward” at the beginning of daylight savings.

Have a nice week, it is beautiful today.


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