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By Dixie Stordahl
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Loring News for January 15, 2020


January 15, 2020

Loring Woman’s Club will meet at the home of Connie Wasson on Wednesday, January 15. One of the topics for discussion is the card party in April.

I spent a few days in Billings this past weekend. I watched a basketball game at Elder Grove school. My grandson played against the team with my sister’s grandson on it. They took a picture together. It's a good thing!

The owl was hooting outside my window one evening. I thought it might be on tv, but muted the tube and the hoot, hoot, hoot was still there! The temps have been everywhere, 45 above and now -10. This whole week it is predicted to be below zero for the highs!

Cindy Clark spent the week trekking to Malta with Bryten for practice for the Missoula Children's theater where she had a role as the ninth robber! And I was able to watch the play on Saturday morning! It was amazing as usual! Those kids learn so much in just a week! Also, Grandma Janice made the trip from Billings to enjoy the activities of the weekend!

On Saturday evening the littles played basketball and showed off their dribbling skills at the game in Whitewater. I was able to watch the games also, with North Country vs. Dodson! The Mavericks had a great night with 3 wins and 1 loss! Next time it’ll be 4 wins, maybe! It is so nice to see the growth in skills and aggressive gameplay! Aggressive but still with sportsmanship!

Dixie Stordahl had lunch with Nancy Murdock on Saturday after the play. Nancy was the pianist for the play!

February 2 is the annual meeting of the Loring Lutheran church right after service. Please come. The Full moon was particularly beautiful this week. Keep your heads up and love in your heart!


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