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By Dixie Stordahl
PCN Correspondent 

Loring News for February 5, 2020


February 5, 2020

Talk about a change of weather! The wind blew like crazy three or four days. The chinook wind started melting the snow and ice and I had a little creek running through my yard on Saturday and Sunday! I just wish all the ice was melted between the house and garage!

Carol Lumsden, Whitney Blunt and children were in Billings for the birthdays of Kenna Slade and Kellen Slade. I bet they had a ball with everyone!

Brenda Clark was also in Billings this weekend. They came home later in the day so missed most of the hurricane. Force winds through the middle of the state!

Cindy Clark spent some time with Debbie Dyrdahl early in the week. Then on Wednesday I went in and had lunch with Debbie. I also got to see Sherrie Ottinger since she was there also! Just like old Loring week!

On Friday Debbie Hammond and I painted with our watercolor pan paints. We had decided to challenge ourselves to try the paints that weren't liquid. It was fun. And a bonus there too, because I got to see Tricia and Shelbi LaBrie on their way to the ball games in Saco.

Lu Besel came over for dinner on Saturday night with Dixie.

I saw the two snowy owls this week on the telephone poles south of Loring. I've seen quite a few Hawks, and I hear the great horned owl in my trees during the evening and early mornings. Watching for returning migrants now.

Venus is really bright in the evening sky. Look for Mercury about a half hour after sunset really low in the west. Have a great week!


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