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By Eldora Henry
PCN Correspondent 

Dodson News for February 26, 2020


February 26, 2020

We have been experiencing warm temperatures and sun in the afternoons that have really been taking the snow away. Some nights are still pretty cool and we are hoping for no more snow.

Last week I had several Blue Jays in my pine trees and they stayed for several days. I usually don't get more than one or two at a time. I have not seen hardly any small birds all winter, but my son told me after I saw the Jays the little ones would come. They did and today I had quite a collection in the trees. Maybe spring will come!!!

The Dodson players did quite well, to begin within the tournaments and they played hard but were defeated at the last. Congratulations to both the boys and the girls for their efforts and playing good games.

An Indian Taco Fund Raiser for Justin Rasmussen who has been diagnosed with cancer was held at the Catholic Hall on Sunday.

Congratulations and Best Wishes are sent to all having a birthday or anniversary this week.

Wednesday marked the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Iwo Jima during the Second World War and it continued until surrendering March 26th, 1945 after 36 days of heavy fighting and the loss of many, many men from both sides for such a small island. It was very necessary and was a turning point for ending the war with Japan. James Henry, then an 18-year-old teenager with the 5th Marine Division was there for the entire 36 days. Miles and Mae Henry had five boys and one daughter in the second World War and one son in the Korean War and thanks to God, they all came home.

Congratulations again to the family of Benjamin F. Stevens for his installation into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame! Also to the family of Belknap Buck who was also inducted.

A good business manager hires optimists as salespeople and pessimists to run the credit department.

Enjoy the sunshine, it's getting warmer every day. Have a good week.


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